Sunday, December 27, 2009

On the 12th day of Christmas my true love sent to me...

12 presents unwrapping... We spent Christmas with just our little family... and the self timer camera...

inspired by Romney;)

Baby's first Christmas. I think he's a fan.

James spent the morning having a nice little soak in the bath.

John played Play Station over the Internet with his brother in Tulsa.
Side note: I learned this weekend John has 2 hidden talents...He can do a Rubiks cube and he can juggle. Such an enigma.

I took a long winters nap in my new posh rob John gave me for Christmas.
Side note #2:
My robe was the Exact same color as our wall paint, so I had to pose in front of the tree in order to not look invisible..ha ha.

Later we snuck into a gated community to look at lights. B/c I decided looking at lights is lots more fun when you are trespassing:)

And last but not least, we ended the day watching Mr Kruger's Christmas for a little holiday nostalgia..

Well, that's a "wrap" (like wrapping paper, ha ha:) ..Now, must get packing for our trip to Oklahoma to see John's fam. I hope everyone had a great Christmas and Please post LOADS of pictures.

Friday, December 25, 2009

on the 11th day of Christmas my true love sent to me....

11 lbs of turkey roasting....
Attention... All my blogger friends of roommates past! I cooked my first turkey!!! Yes, I've come a lllllong way from the college days of not knowing how fry a hamburger pattie! And I only called my mom once..okay, maybe twice. I was in a bit of panic when I reached in and discovered a long extremity (the neck) tucked in the cavity of the bird. I screamed!
Oh, and a word to the wise... don't cook a turkey that weighs the same as your newborn baby. It was traumatic!

Voila...the finished product... what John and I will be feasting on for Christmas dinner.

The most important meal to John's family was always breakfast (hello, the Downs do Cheerios) so per John's request I have been trying to focus more on this meal. This was our Christmas eve brunch... quiche, cinnamon rolls, sausage. I feel like Julie and Julia, cooking my way through my mom's cookbook one recipe at a time.

James has the slightest dimple that I have been trying to capture.

For Christmas eve we headed over to my parents for dinner and presents. P.S. I won't be dittoing the Ann Taylor sweater anymore b/c my parents got me a gift certificate to go on a little shopping spree:)

Andy stealing a kiss from his girlfriend, Tauna underneath the mistletoe. Note to self: Buy mistletoe at after Christmas sale to spice things up at the Gregory house.

We rung in Christmas morning by going with my family to midnight mass to sing carols and listen to the story of Christ's birth.
I hope you all have the Merriest of Christmases and a Happiest of New Years!

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

On the 10th day of Christmas my true love sent to me...

Ten photos taken...
John loves getting e-mails of pictures of James when he is at work. Here are some of my favorite we sent him over the last couple of months.

Being a baby is so much work. Eat, sleep, poop, smile for his momma and dada. Lots of deadlines to meet!

James thinks his dad is a pretty funny dude.

So cuddly.

I think he looks very ivy league in this shot. Would it be too early to start filling out college applications for our little guy?

"snow cute"

James is such a wiggle worm, it's hard to get a shot of him where he isn't blurry.

James helping me cook dinner in his early Christmas present, a Bumbo chair.

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

On the 9th day of Christmas my true love sent to me..

9" of snow falling...
(in the mountains anyway)
Sheesh 12 days of posting is A LOT. And my life isn't THAT exciting. But I guess it's a good chance to document the life of my fam, so I will hoe to the end of the row (what my mom used to always say when I wanted to quit something..don't really know what it means, but will probably say it to my kids..ha ha. )
Last night we had a fun night. We ventured out into the cold and snow to attend my dad's work party...
James had his first encounter with the big guy. I think he was checking out what was in his red sack... James: "No milk in there!...Wait, what? I'm supposed to leave milk and cookies out for this dude...hmmph! I'll keep my milk and you keep your toys, fat man:)"

My dad has grown his new company, Wealth Heart, from 1 employee to 32. Pretty dang good considering most companies have downsized this past year. Way to boost the economy dad!

My little Santa baby and his daddy.

Heather's hubby, Dave and his band played some Christmas jams that you couldn't help but tap your feet to.

We drank lots of cocoa, and did a little ice-skating.

Me and my sis in practically the same outfit.

My mom and dad in a rare picture of them together. Dad, thanks for working so hard for the fam. Love you!

On the 8th day of Christmas my true love sent to me...

eight skis a skiing....
Yesterday Heather and I headed up to Sundance with our boys for a day of skiing. Like Heather said in her post, we were quite the sight on the shuttle with four little boys, skis, a baby carrier, stroller, and two diaper bags. A little different from my old skiing with the pros days at Snowbird, but just as much fun.
It looks like Santa knows how to unwind before the big night:)

Don't worry, I am not a crazy parent that skis with their baby in a backpack. Heather and I switched off watching Eli and James at the lodge. James had on so many layers, he couldn't move his arms, but stayed warm enough to enjoy a very long nap in the clean mountain air.

It was so mucky and cold in the valley but warm and sunny on the slopes. Utah is such a better place to live when you ski!

It was Isaac's first day and by the end, he was skiing like a champ. He was a little more cautious than when his "need for speed" brother Drew first learned, which is nice, since I am a mom now and worry loads more.
Drew has become quite the little ski star and might have to teach his cousin James in a few short years.

On the 7th day of Christmas my true love sent to me...

seven sibling synopsis's

Heather is my momma role model. I call her pretty much once a day for advice on all things domestic. She has so much energy... Teaching ballet and ballroom, baking her own bread, writing articles for magazines, and taking care of the worlds sweetest little boys. Yup, she is the "practically perfect in every way" sibling of the fam.

I used to worry about Andy and what he would do when he was all grown up. I recently went to a Christmas dinner with my mom at his new school and all my fears were put to rest. The classroom is so nice, his teachers are absolute angels, and he LOVES going. Check out the blog here. He is also busy with singles ward, special needs mutual, and working in the Draper Elementary cafeteria twice a week.

My Bro. Zac is living the dream! He lives in a cabin across the street from Solitude with a couple of ski patrol guys. He snowshoes to work at the hotel (he's the pool boy), gets paid to ski a couple of hours a day, and eats like a king for free at the 5 star restaurants.

T-Dawg (Trevor) graduated, moved down town, plays in a band, and will be starting school at the U in January. Click here to listen to some of his songs.
I also love Trev because he reads my blog:) Thanks, bro.. Hope you're doing well:)

My 14 yr old sis, Katelyn and I are totally bonded because of our Afros. We can entertain ourselves for hours talking about how much we hate our hair:) She is so much fun and I've loved getting closer this past year. She has also become quite the little traveler, going to Cali, New York, and will go to Paris and London this summer.

Jake is the most disciplined 12 year old I know! He won't eat fast food or candy, and he has a six pack! On weekends he is usually on outdoor adventures with his older siblings. Case in point: A couple of weeks ago, my mom took him to the Gateway mall for lunch and he said, "Wow, What is this place?...This is amazing... I had no idea a place like this existed!" It was hilarious.

Sunday, December 20, 2009

On the 6th day of Christmas my true love sent to me....

6 rolls of Sashimi Sushi
John and I went on our first night out on the town since the little man came to stay.
Stilettos never felt so good and sushi never tasted more divine. I think we will be making date night a weekly tradition at the Gregory household *affirmative nod*:)

Friday, December 18, 2009

On the 5th day of Christmas my true love sent to me...

5 hours sleep!
Last night James gave me the gift of 5 hours of sleep between feedings. As you can see by his rolls, this is kind of a big deal. I felt completely...okay, somewhat... revitalized to face my day:)
He loves our morning workout sessions and thinks I'm doing a performance solely for his entertainment. And, he's just like me after I watch the Biggest Loser...wants to eat a ton, and take a nap.

My mom used to read me a book when I was little called Strega Nona. It was about a guy who made a pot of noodles that kept growing and growing until they took over the town. Today, I could relate as I cooked 16 boxes of spaghetti for the ward Christmas party. My kitchen felt like a spaghetti sauna. I'm counting on cleaned out pores as a blessing for my serviceable deed:)

For the party we had an Italian restaurant theme and the youth were the waiters. I don't think any of the food was sent back, so I'll gauge that as a successful night.
ONE WEEK TIL CHRISTMAS PEEPS... must get shopping:)
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