Thursday, October 28, 2010

Hook, Line, and Sinker

Just like the falling leaves and moving nimbus clouds... nothing stays the same forever. Sorry to get all nostalgic again... But, suddenly it seems life is moving faster than a rollercoaster and we might have some “Texas size” changes coming up in our future. So this fall has been a little sweeter and I’ve tried to savor the simple things of the season a little more.

I am such a fan of photos. It is the one tangible way to time travel. To be taken back to an exact moment a memory was captured is a marvelous miracle...Yup, I will concur with the words of Kip to his girlfriend Lafawnduh in Napoleon Dynamite...

Yes, I love technology
But not as much as you, you see
But I still love technology
Always and forever:)

So, for a back to the future moment when I am forty...Here are all photos "fall" from the past few weeks...

The Gregory's getting things all haunted for the holidays..

Here is a simple centerpiece idea. Just take a vase and wrap leaves (fake or real) with twine.
They look so pretty with a candle lit or in font of a window where the rays can shine through. (Blogging about candles makes me want to take a bubble bath... or watch the Bachelorette... Just saying:)

October skies and me and the guys....

To think we were just sitting in Grandma's garden eating grape tomatoes from the vine a week ago...Now those days are long gone, thanks to a gift from Mr. Snow Miser. I guess I should preface this picture by saying we were digging through the Halloween box a few minutes before. John is not such a big fan of his little man being decked out like pumpkin...but I think it's precious.

I love this! Andy is so hard to get a good picture of. He is quite the little ham, so when I get a normal pose, I will be posting:)

James knows when John gets home from work it is wrestle time. And I get a little rest and relaxation. The sound of my baby laughing + me getting my bloggidy on = a twenty minute break of bliss.

Apparently Eli had some business to take care of behind the wheel.

I love this! His face was so serious...Like he was going to close a big deal on the other end of the dial:) Or maybe he was just doing something in his diaper. Either way, it was makes me smile.

Fall is so fattening! It's fabulous. Thankfully it is also baggy sweater season. (P.S. I love the yummy cookie recipe Linds:)

We didn't have a big party for James for his birthday. I am kind of burned out from being party planning pres. at church. But I did make a birthday banner to make myself feel better. Now I want to leave it up 'til the end of November. Every time I bump my head on it I am brought back to when we first brought home our new little bundle.

Over the weekend John went out of town and since the spooky sound of the wind was creeping me out I stayed Sunday night at my parent's.

We swam with the whole damn fam while it stormed outside. Splendid way to spend the sabbath.

And then there was...

Just some majestic snow caped mountains! it's cold outside.

James overseeing his dada shovel before work. It is time to get this kid a snow suite. But for now, socks for mittens, two sleepers and a his sport coat will suffice.

I was a little snow happy so I called my mom to go snowshoeing up the street. I guess I was jumping the gun because there was only about three inches...not exactly enough to get stuck. So we hiked in just our tennis shoes to Ghost Falls...It seemed only fitting for this time of year.

View of the temple from the backside

Give this kid a lollipop and he'll be loving life.

The white snow as a backdrop to the bright leaves was breathtaking! It is crazy, I've lived in Utah my whole life and hadn't really hiked in these conditions.
Note to self for the future: Always drop what you're doing to see fall leaves after Autumn's first snow.

Okey-dokey, all my photos have been purged from my PC. Now more memories to make and pictures to take:) TGIF!

Monday, October 25, 2010

A Witchen Weekend!

For the past couple of years the Down Annual Haunted House has morphed into a humongous Harry Potter party in Heber. Heather and Dave are doing all seven books, and this year was The Chamber of Secrets.

I had to do a little Wikipedia-ing to get the names of the witches and wizards right, because it’s been since high-school that I was into the whole Hogwarts thing. But after doing a little research ... I can safely say, they did a sensational job at simulating the Harry Potter sequel. So without further adieu... a glimpse at the Gregory wizarding and witches weekend...

Harry Potter himself!

Sybil Treylawney about to tell James his fortune:
Apparently he has a fortune in his future! Yup, dollar signs were seen in Sybil's tea leaves!

I guess the devil decided to drop in:)

Every wizard needs a wand!

After a wands where made, the kids left platform 9 and three quarters and climbed into a fifth wheel... I mean the Hogwarts Express:)... for a whip around the block ...

The Whomping Willow was there to give a warm welcome to the wannabe wizards.

Professor Snape performed a lecture on potions...Soda pop, a pinch of pus, and a dollop of dragon tears... A drink that could cure the common cold...or create a mouth full of cavities:)

Gilderoy egotistical wizarding celebrity...was available to sign books and show his shining smile.

A wee little wizard in training

Isaac at Hagrid's house trying to grab spider before the big kahuna spider came down for a kill.

The kids getting their Quidditch on. Dave's mom was a tough opponent.

A Weasley and a witch... Professor Mcgonagall to be exact:)
My man looking like he could part the Red Sea:)

Eli being sorted...Slytherin He's too sweet...How about Hufflepuff?

Nana was in charge of the Bertie Botts Shop...a staple for any hungry Hogwarts student.

"Expell Kiddiosis" A spell saying, "party is over...parents come pick up your kiddos!:)"

Holy cow...I should have had Heather be a guest writer for this post... because this potter stuff is a bit over my head:)...In the end they had to fight Jake...Who I am sure was simulating some villain I am too worn out to Wikipedia about:) But the kids were thrilled to have a throw down with an older kid who always let them win out of the goodwill of his heart.

Thanks for the fun time sis! You are Two Hogwart hosts that can throw a heck of a Harry Potter party!
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