Saturday, July 27, 2013

Friday Night Lights...

Why I love the Drive-in...
Movies under the stars* Double features* Fair pricing* First G rated movie then date night while kids sleep* We can bring in our own picnic* Kids can run wild in the grassy area up front*  Family time before the movie starts*  We get to enjoy the sunset*  It is thirty minutes away out in the country* The song from Grease Stranded at the Drive-in always gets stuck in my head (and when is that ever a bad thing?:)...

I love Friday nights 50's style. 

Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Over the Last Five Days...

-We had Sunday brunch at Nan's
-Spent time with Aunt Claudia
-John flew into OKC after his business trip
-John fell fully clothed into Uncle Seth's pool (must have been the jet lag:)
- Had lots of talks with Sisters-in-law
-Ate a ton of delicious food
-Swam a lot
-Saw some beautiful sunsets
-Grandma Gregory gave James and I a haircut
-John changed all the diapers because I tore cartilage in my wrist
-Catie and I got a makeover at Sephora
-We made the seven hour drive back to Houston and it is good to be home!

 I think this is the first picture we have of Aunt Claudia.  Crazy considering how much we love her!

Thanks for the hospitality Gregory family.  It was so good to see you all!
XOXO, Jessica, John, James, and Rissy.

Friday, July 19, 2013

Some Where Over The Rainbow...

In Romania, John is about to get his hotel wake-up call.  I am writing this while I am waiting for him to call so we can talk before I go to bed. 
Here are a few things I am going to tell him...
-Grandma Gregory bought James an umbrella at the zoo and he hasn't put it down all day.  After his bath, I let him shower with it open.  I peeked in and he looked so happy.
- Rissy was excited to see the gorillas and elephants today.  Her legs would kick, and she kept laughing.  It was adorable.
-They had a nice splash pad in the children's zoo.  We played in the shade and Grandma bought us all large Slushies.  It was perfect.  
-I let my niece Katherine take pictures at the zoo with my camera.  Some of the pictures below she took.  She did an awesome job! It made me think of the first time I used a DSLR.  I was in Hong Kong and a coworker shared their camera with me.  I walked around all night taking pictures.  I've been hooked ever since.

We just talked.  Now I can sleep much more peacefully.  This is what John told me about his day.  Him and three big bosses met with the lady below.  She is the 32nd most powerful woman in the world.  Pretty neat.  
XOXO, Jess
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