Monday, June 22, 2015

Road Trippin' to Oklahoma...

We started our summer road trip stopping at Uncle Terry's house in Fort Worth.  His neighborhood feels like stepping back in time because of the clothes lines and 1950's flare.  
It is always good to see John's Uncle and Aunt.  They are so hospitable to our family.  We enjoyed a yummy breakfast, soccer in their backyard, and chocolate cake.
From our early morning walk around Terry's.
We then traveled on to OKC to visit the Gregory clan.  Singing scripture power with Grandma and baking with the easy bake oven.
Swimming in Uncle Seth's pool.
 Oklahoma sunsets can compete with the Bahamas!

 Our day at the zoo with Aunt Catie and cousins.  

 These two remind me of the old fashioned girls in the photos.  

 The kids always have fun at Grandma's house!

 One evening we went kayaking on Uncle Seth's lake.  Here is cousin Jake out fishing.
 We spent lots of time playing outside.  Grandma Gregory bought a beach cruiser bike that we all took turns riding.  We also enjoyed visiting with Nan.
 Grandma Gregory's and Nan's new dog, Clyde.  
We spent the latter-half of the week at Keystone Lake where we rented these comfortable cabins.  
 There were 13 cousins total.  So many playmates!  

 A friendly game of horse shoes.
 Uncle Jay and Uncle Seth.  John's brothers always hide from the camera.  
 We all took turns with meals.  My sisters-in-law are great cooks!  

 Such good cooks, we had to take a lot of walks to work off all the good food we ate.  
 The Gregorys on parade.  

 We didn't do a lot out on the lake because of dangerous flood levels but we enjoyed some superb sunsets, s'mores, and watching fireflies.   

We are so lucky to have such a great extended family that is just a day of driving away.  And Oklahoma is a wonderful place to visit.  We look forward to our next trip! 

Monday, June 8, 2015

Nana and Uncle Andy Came!

Uncle Andy has had a no fly rule ever since 9/11.  This past year he has faced his fears and flown to California twice and now Texas!  This is huge for me and my family.  It was wonderful to have him visit!  First thing we had to buy him a Texas hat.  
We kept cool with brunch at Peggy's house and a dip in her pool.  

 Joi and Kiley came too.

 Tommy asleep on his Auntie Peggy.
My mom brought the kids some fun toys for the backyard along with a comfy lawn chair for me.  I guess she hasn't forgotten what young moms need in the summer time.  

 Swim diapers not required. 
 The night before this Andy, my mom, Peggy, and I all went to the drive-in to see Grease.  It was a nostalgic and fun night.  On the way home we ended up getting a flat tire.  It turned into a little adventure that continued on to the next day.  We had to exchange her rental car and it thwarted our Moody Gardens plans.  We ended up going to the San Jacinto Monument instead, lunch at Monument cafe, and to the beach.  It turned out to be a better than expected day!
 San Jacinto Monument.
We took an elevator to the top floor to see the view.  
 This nice sea food restaurant is right by the shipping channel.  Out the window you can see a ship passing by.  
 Andy ended up LOVING the beach.  He was ecstatic to be swimming in the water.    
 Then he asked to be buried in the sand.  
Saturday we went to James's swim meet then toured the new Exxon campus that was close by.
 It was so modern and chic.  It reminded me of a set of Mad Men.  John assures me it isn't as sultry:).

 The designers left no corner un-designed, (or every sink and toilet:)
 This looks like a rendering to me.

I took this picture when I was trying out my mom's wide angle lens.  It sums up life right now pretty well.  I still have John's birthday sign hanging up from two weeks ago and it probably wont be taken down anytime soon. I am exhausted.  Being on the go with the two Grandmas the last couple weeks has worn me out!  In a good way of course.  We've had a great time!
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