Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Saint Andrews by the Sea

The three kids and I stowed away on part of John's business trip to Scotland in July.  John worked A LOT during the week but on the weekends we were able to explore the coast and countryside.  John's Scottish colleague mapped two road trips for the weekends.  It was perfect for sightseeing with our "wee" crazy kids.
One of our favorite and first stops was St. Andrews.  I was completely caught off guard by the serene scenery of the golf course, the adjacent majestic sea cliffs, and the medieval architecture.  I have a crush on this place that could only compare to Maui's Road to Hana.  
St. Andrews is the birthplace of golf and has Scotland's oldest university.  We were there just days  before the British Open and were able to explore the old golf course.
This is the famous Swilcan bridge.  Many famous golfers have squared off here on the 18th green.  It was exciting to see on TV the following week.  

John and the kids playing tag on The Old Course.  I couldn't believe this was permitted days before the tournament.  When we were watching the final minutes of The Open, I couldn't help but wonder if Rissy's boots made divots in the grass that could have effected the turnout.  I was hoping she ruined Tiger's game;)
There is so much history and tradition in this town.  I could taste it along with the salty sea air.  
My mom said that because the days are so long in the summer, the flowers flourish like you wouldn't believe!  
Sea cliffs and Scottish kilts.
I am dying to do genealogy and find out if I have Scottish blood.  John is related to Rob Roy.

The castles reminded me of Sleeping Beauty.  The ruins and landscape were so enchanting.  

Next we made our way along the coast to Anstruther and the best fish and chips in Scotland.   

The recommendation was spot on, some of the freshest seafood I've ever had!
Taking our three kids over the big pond had it's hellish moments.  I don't know if I've ever been so exhausted.  But the excitement of being in a new place gave us extra energy.  And our evening in St. Andrew's felt like a walk in the clouds.  I know we will be daydreaming of this land and the memories we made with the kids for the rest of our lives.  
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