Thursday, June 25, 2009

Lucky I'm in love with my best friend... Lucky to have been where I have been
I was excited that our anniversary and fathers day was falling on the same day this year. I thought I would be killing two birds with one stone. Who knew that stone would be so literal! Saturday I woke up with a horrible back and side ache and I soon knew I was having my second bout of kidney stones this pregnancy. But now that James is bigger and using my kidney for baby boxing practice the pain was pretty much completely UNBEARABLE and started to cause preterm contractions.
So, I spent the day/night in the hospital and lay thinking that three years ago John and I were getting married. I thought our love was at its peak. At our wedding John saw me at my very best and now he was seeing me at my absolute worst! He spent the night cleaning up LOTS of throw up, sleeping in a very
uncomfy hospital chair, and helping me and my iv bag to the bathroom every hour. But I felt like we love each other more than ever before. It sounds so cliche but I finally understand what old folks mean when they say they love their spouse tons more than they did on their wedding day. Having John by my side meant more to me than any anniversary pres. in the world and it made me glad that we get to grow old together.
Anyway, I am feeling lots better now but still popping the pills until I get everything out of my system. So I am going to go to a much happier place and work on posting my Alaskan
vacay pictures. I think I might just post them ALL to keep my mind off it. Be forewarned when you read my commentary that I am highly medicated. Praise to the Percocet!
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