Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Art is the desire of a man to express himself, to record the reactions of his personality to the world he lives in. ~Amy Lowell

Recently, I heard back from one of the companies I applied with back in December. They offered me a job as an art representative for their company. As an art rep, I will be meeting with their clients (designers, architects, art and furniture stores, etc) to distribute literature and help place orders. I leave on my first business trip tomorrow to Cali so wish me luck! Thankfully, it is just p/t so I can continue to do some design work on the side.

Because of the new job, & I'm so much better at expressing myself visually than verbally, I thought I would use art to record what's been going on during the daily grind at the Gregory house.

For V- day, John took me to Ballet West's production of Madame Butterfly. The costumes, music, and dancing were superb. I was honestly moved to tears before the second act. A must see if a night at the ballet is your cup of tea!

The week of Valentines I worked full time as a floral designer in a busy flower shop. It was quite the learning experience. I had no idea there is so much technique involved in flower arranging. The first day was all thorns and thistles! It was exhausting and frustrating and my bouquets were a far cry from the professionals. Thankfully, some experts took me under their wings and by the end of the week (and a few hundred arrangements later) I had it down. I'm glad I had the opportunity but I don't see floral designing blooming in my near future.

John has been a busy guy working full time and going to school. I love Wednesday's because I go and meet him at a restaurant for a quick bite to eat between his work and class. Then, when he comes home he gives me a mini version of his lecture from his business class which I thoroughly enjoy (thankfully he spares me details of his chem 6000).

I am loving having more time practicing being a little homemaker. I love making life for John a bit easier by being able to cook more and keep up on the laundry. This career stuff has been worth it because I know it'll someday make being a mama all the more sweeter.

Almost every Friday this season we have headed up to the "bird" for the fresh mountain air. I don't know how I would survive winter without that glorious place. Nothing beats skiing with my best friend on the greatest snow on earth.
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