Thursday, March 31, 2011

British Columbia and little boy bff's in the making...

Hello friends, I am reporting live from Kimme’s couch watching the Canucks kick our country’s tushy in hockey. Yup, I am submerging myself in the Canadian culture:) We made it here safely and are all getting along famously! Since I plan on taking way too many pictures and want to stay on top of it, here is a quick look at the first day of our fabtastic BC vacay...

Kimme and I thought it would be friendship at first sight with these two and they would practically be holding hands on the way home. But apparently, their car seats where situated a little too close for comfort because it was a bit of a rough ride from Victoria to Kimme's house. But fortunately it has been all up hill from here.

Kimme says they look a little tipsy from their chocolate milk here. They were a little tuckered out from their looooong trip.

Bath time. I couldn't wait to scrub James down since he insisted on mopping the airport floor with his hair every time I turned around.

Quick snap shot while the boys were splashing up a tsunami in the tub. Kimme strategically placed the shampoo bottle to hide her prego belly. We are off sync, b/c whenever we see each other now, one of us has a bun in the oven. But I love eating a ton with her and having sympathy cravings...for the sake of the baby;) Side note: Kimme's house looks like a W hotel. So posh. I will have to do a photo shoot before I leave.

Case in point that James and Cassius were meant to be cousins.

Mom and John (my most loyal readers:) Stay tuned tomorrow for pictures from today. BC is one of the most beautiful islands on earth! And Kimme, since you had to leave the US, thanks for picking this pretty place to plant your Canadian roots:)

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Marry me, Letter B...

Because B is for:Breakfast for dinner. MMMmmmmm!
Baby cakes loving his cream filled pancakes.

Bike rides with breathtaking viewsMy two favorite Boys

Books with Grandpa
BFF's: I will be crossing the cold Canadian ocean to see my best friend, Kimme, in a few short hours.
And that my friends is why I can't help but be happy for the beautiful bright alphabetical B.

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Zac Mac...He's a Skiing Maniac.

So, as mentioned in previous post, I totally dig being a momma, but it's also nice to leave James in safe hands and head solo style to the slopes. My bro Zac is living the dream- Shacking up at the ski in ski out hotel he works at, eating for free in the employee lounge, and spending his every free second skiing. And today he shared his super "suite" life with his older sis...
group shot with old man winter.
Smile Pines...It's the pa-pa-parazzi

Zac and his long time friend Lorna. She is British and so cute and now I kind of want to name one of our girls after her. She is such a sweetie, it goes well with James, and the snow was That good today:)

This shot was supposed to look way more intense. Especially since I hiked a mountain, scaled a ridge, and pretty much risked my life to get to this photo opt. Oh well, It is what it is:)... At least the snow on the way down was supreme!
Deer Valley was high class but you can't beat Solitude's avalanche controlled back-country. Ahhh, my heart just went pitter patter for all of the pristine pow pow.

Dear Mom and Dad, Thanks for having so many kids so I have lots of friends to hang out with. Plus it helps that half of them have ski hook-ups. XOXO, Jess
Solitude's token ski bum. You can always spot them at any resort by their long beards, one piece ski jumper, and spunky style. I totally want to be one someday-minus the rum and beard...and please add a row of grand kids skiing behind me.

Skiing with Zac is such a party. He took us to lots of local only spots on the mountain.
My bro throwing a back flip off a huge rock. This is another shot that doesn't do the moment justice. And for some reason it is posting small. Hopefully on a sunny day I can take my real camera.

And because I am shallow like this, the best part of my day is when my bro said I can still shred after all these years and birthing a kid. I am glad to see my Biggest Loser dvd is finally doing something:) Thanks for the compliment and the fabulous ski day:)

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

A Rest Stop on the Road of Life...

We have our crazy weeks, like everyone...with busy church callings, design work, Dr. appointments, to do’s lists, etc. But b/c of the advice of so many mommies who have gone before me, I've tried to set aside days to savor this sweet time in our life, just James and me. So we cuddle on the couch, read books, take baths, make scrambled eggs for breakfast, bake bread, go on bike rides, swim, and take long naps. Yup, sometimes I feel like I am living the life of a millionaire...minus all the mula:) And I am not going to apologize...B/c I know this time of my life is like fleeting seconds in the grand scheme of things.
Hopefully, more kiddos will come...there will be carpooling, homework, meetings, and then a career again. But for now, I will bask in the blissfulness of taking things at a toddlers pace...and blog about it, because in my book...retrospect makes these memories that much better:)...

Our bike ride to the temple last night
Saying I am taking things at a toddlers pace was a silly simile since I can't capture James in a picture without it being blurry. My boy is always on the go.

There were lots of other spectators Monday night to watch the sunset...
Bambi and his momma

Sand traps make the perfect sandboxes. We are going to miss our make-believe beach once Spring has sprung and golfers are ready to get their game on.

This was the biggest moon in 18 years. I wonder where I will be when it is that big again. All I know is that after seeing so many spectacular winter sunsets, is that every season has its perks. So I am excited for what lies down the road as well..

It sounds like nap time is over, so this sister is signing off:) Happy hump day:)

Monday, March 21, 2011

My Dear Sweet Deer Valley...

Heather and Dave got hooked up at Deer Valley this weekend and invited me to tag along with their extra ticket. I was grateful since that place is so posh, I could never afford to go on my own especially at $95 a pop and that doesn't even include parking.
I think Heather and Dave are starting to get ski fever.
Spectacular views are one of the main reasons I am head over heels for the ski hills.
I am pretty much sure this is JT's as in Justin Timberlakes ski in ski out casa. But the place looked dead, because he is probably in the Bahama's recovering from his break-up with Jessica Biel.

If you need someone to take a photo of you and your honey smooching on the lift...I am volunteering! Just buy me a pass and let me take my skis:)

I look superimposed! I am all bundled because it was buuuuurrrrr freezing!

After getting valeted in a golf cart from the parking garage a concierge carried our skies, unlatched them, and layed them in the snow. Such swanky service!
I probably shouldn't talk considering I look like a tron alien... but check out this Deer Valley Vacationer in the background. I know animal prints are on the prawl this season, but I think she went a little wild trying to stay warm and unless you are a pooch, all that fur is a fashion faux pas.
It was a little windy but totally worth it. Plus it is fun to feel like a starlet....even if if my ski jacket is so six seasons ago. Thanks so much for the fun day Heather and Dave. I am totally down if you ever need someone to crash your Deer Valley date again:)

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Top O the Evenin' to you...

St. Patty's day was good to the last bite.
Our lil' lad loved his lucky charm...Err.. this poor excuse for an Irish accent has been in my head all. day.
Our green dinner...J/K... I don't want bad luck for a year, so I will confess. I had every intention of dying the rolls and mash potatoes green, then the thought of it made me queasy. Plus, I have a few years before James will actually appreciate it. So I Picasa-ed it green instead:).
What has brought on this baking bonanza? John is working hard trying to finish up his Masters project before we move. And since there is no way in HE double L I could ever help with his homework, I try to make him hot meals to lighten his load.
After watching Jimmer win one for the team, James and I headed to our secret spot to watch the sunset. Here James is practicing his Karate Kid cover shot. Probably cause he has lots of karate chopping cousins he has to keep up with.
Sorry If my posts are annoying and too Pollyanna-ish. But this is the place where I gather happy thoughts throughout the day. If you don't already have a blog or a journal to write down your blessings, give it a try. I guarantee it will make you lucky in love with your life.
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