Friday, February 29, 2008

Accessorize Accessorize Accessorize

Most days this winter I've been clad in a scarf, hat, and baggy sweater. It has been great; it saves me some serious time in the morning, I'm finally warm at work, and I deep condition my hair under my hat. I must admit it has been getting a little out of hand lately and when John said I am starting to look like a "cat lady" I decided it is high time to start living one of my core values, accessorizing! According to my style bible, (Nieman Marcus) femininity is all the rage this spring. Here are some of my favorite finds. Now, all I need is Target to start carrying the knock offs:)

I love my nephew's!!!!

Here are a few pics of us snowshoeing with the Sullie's. I couldn't stop laughing watching Isaac waddle around with his big snowshoe feet and little legs. He face planted it about every third step but he would always get up with a smile. Drew carried this snowball all over the mountain and then cried when he couldn't bring it home with him.
Heather, you are amazing for hiking in the snow one month before labor! P.S. When can I baby sit again? Sacrament meeting goes by in a jiffy with kids.

Sunday, February 3, 2008

Soooo much snow!

Living on the side of the mountain gives us beautiful views of the valley and A LOT of wind and snow. Even when it doesn't storm snow drifts bury our drive every morning. I am just a picture poser here. John is the one that gets up every morning before work at 5:30 am to clear our drive for work. Ah, so responsible.
Let me tell you though, there are some serious advantages to living on the hill. Church was canceled today just in time for the pre game super bowl show. I think John is starting to like Utah more everyday:)

A Splash of Color for my Winter Time Blues

A few weeks ago I flew to Colorado for work to check out the new Noah's sites and meet with a city planner. I was able to stay overnight to see the Denver Design Center. I saw this French country show room and I felt like Dorthy leaving the world of black and white and entering OZ. January has been so cloudy and cold I really needed a serious dose of color. It made me think, I bet God made oranges because he knew we not only needed the Vitamin C for our immune systems but we would need the bright orange color for our souls on a gray winter's day.
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