Sunday, July 27, 2008

Lift House Ladies

Every few months I gather with a bunch of women all brought together by a cute little ski shop called The Lift House (a tourist hot spot where wealthy East Coasters come and buy $700 animal print jackets that the locals make fun of). Anyway, I "worked" there while I finished up school at the U. Pictured above from left to right is Maddy- this girl's ski turns are beautiful. Mandy- Ski shop matriarch and owner. It has been in her family for like 40 years! Jerry-a hilarious grandma who has been working in the industry since the long wooden ski days-I miss her therapy sessions as we worked. Kristen-(in green) I met this amazing lady through my mom's good friend Lisa. They both fly refueling jets in the air force. She let me live with her a semester and I convinced her she needed to come work at the ski shop a few days a week to meet cute ski guys. The next two girls are my replacements after I decided to grow up and get an adult job (tear). I love these dinners. They are filled with yummy food, tons of funny stories, and just the right dose of girl power to keep me motivated until the next meeting of the ski shop sisterhood.

Monday, July 21, 2008

Flashback to 14.

This month has taken me back to my adolescent days of summer (except for those dang eye wrinkles that have started to appear and the fact that Otter Pops just aren't as good as they once were). Anyway, a few case in points:

My dad bought tickets for my sis and I to see American Idol in concert and I was way too excited. Confession, I never missed a show this season and now I stalk them all on You Tube. Brook and Jason previously were my favorite ( I love Brook's garment covering style and Jason reminds me of the beach). But, now after attending the concert I will concur with America. David Cook really is a rock star. Katelyn disagrees. Just ask, she'll tell you in her sweet little voice, "David Archuleta is sooo cute!"

John and I are in YM & YW so this month John spent a week on the Priest High Adventure rafting down the Snake River and I got to go up to girls camp.
The following is how we described our camps to each other...

Jessica: "Ohhh... It was like the most super spiritual experience of the summer. We did boondoggle, wore princess crowns, curlers, held hands around trees and sang songs. Then we finished it off with an amazing testimony meeting with lots of tears and hugs! I've never been to girls camp with so little drama. I love our Young Women!"

John:"It was totally awesome!! We rampaged each other's rafts like pirates and then threw each other into the water. Then we ate guy food and had the most fantastic view of the river as we peed in the wilderness... Check out all my bruises. " Nice, but was it spiritual? "Na, not at all, but it was way fun!"
Holy cow, Boys and girls are different!!!

They rafted all day down the river and then camped along the beach at night.

After seeing this picture of their yellow life jackets I think they should be the ones called the Beehives:)

I am so jealous of this little trip. Look at how pretty the scenery is.

Fishing with Zac....

While John was at high adventure I drove up to the cabin after work to hang out with Zac. I was going to weed but my bro said NO MORE WORKING, and made me go fishing. I caught a little guy too and tried to release, but he died. So sad:(
Note the rubber gloves he wears so he doesn't have to touch the worms. Ha ha.
After fishing, him and his friend Stephan made me lobster and steak.
No question, one of the best nights of the summer!

Sunday, July 6, 2008

That's It! I'm starting a new fashion trend:)

Last night on our way to the Gateway I looked down and screamed "WE NEED TO TURN AROUND AND GO HOME..... I AM WEARING TWO DIFFERENT SHOES!" Before we left I was trying on one black and one brown heel to see what one looked best with my jeans... I guess I got a little distracted.
This would be funny EXCEPT, this isn't the first time this fashion faux pas has occurred. During the 2002 Olympics on a date to the N' Sync medal ceremony I put my feet up to rest and I discovered I was wearing one boot and one penny loafer. So embarrassing!!
John said it would be a sign of my self- confidence to not go home and change, so I took on the challenge. Two hours of shopping later I can now tell you the the black shoe is much more comfy!!
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