Sunday, October 26, 2008

I am sleeping with the maybe future pres!

Irritation! Frustration! I am really sick of work right now. I need a moment to breathe and to blog:) Inhale... Exhale... Okay...
Here are a few pictures from my friend Alison's Halloweentastic party. I decided she pretty much throws the best party in town! John dressed up like Obama and I was a devil- his adviser... or opponent- I'll let you decide:)
On Halloween I arrived home from work just in time to take down our 4th of July decor. I am such a Halloween decorating hypocrite (see earlier post). And, I think I'm turning into the witch on Hansel and Gretel (minus wanting to eat children). I really wanted to lure lots of kids to my house this year. I even bought the large treats and that didn't do the trick. Next year I am thinking bubble tape or cell phone candy.
I loved all of your kid's costumes! I am so impressed with all the wonder moms I have as friends.
Okay-I feel much better:) Back to work!

Friday, October 24, 2008

Work Hard. Play HARDER!

Hallelujah, I made it to Maui! Just in time to spend a few days with John's bro and his wife before they left. The vacation was pure BEACHFUL BLISS. Not too much R and R but it was a blast. We snorkeled, hiked, swam, drove to Hana with my honey, and ate some delicious food. I am posting Too Many Pictures but, hey, I am going to need to revisit this post often in the coming cold winter months. This picture pretty much describes me when it was time to leave. I am hooked on Hawaii like a prawn on a pier and John had to drag me off the beach to get me home. Mahalo to Maui, you are just what the doctor ordered!

Our first black sand beach.

John described the ocean best when he said snorkeling was like swimming in a fish tank at a Chinese restaurant.

We hiked through the Bamboo Forest. Spectacular! Right when I thought it couldn't get any better... there was an amazing waterfall at the end.

So Sexy!

I am paddling in case you were wondering. John was:)

Soaking up the sun in my SPF 45. My dad would be proud!

We saw lots of turtles... John saw lots of turtles. Me... just one. Too busy working on my tan:)

Align CenterTim and Catie. So cute. They are now bloggers too. Check them out!

Breathtaking waterfall that was at the end of the Bamboo Forest.

The fish was To. Die. For! Just another reason I need to move to the beautiful islands of Hawaii ASAP.

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Hanging In There Until I'm Hanging Ten...Hawaiian Style

This month my life has painfully paralleled the movie The Devil Wears Prada and Extreme Makeover-Home Edition.  I have been working soooo many hours trying to get the South Jordan Noah's building ready for grand opening.  I am exhausted and have come dangerously close to a nervous break down about 20 times.  I finally have a few moments to breath so I am looking for a plane ticket out of here.   John left  for Maui with his Bro last week and I have been desperately trying to wrap everything up ASAP so I can go meet up with them.  I am crossing my fingers that my next post will be of me laying on the beach sipping a pina colada.  
I am so thankful for everyone's blogs!  They allow me to get my girlie time in and catch up with my friends after being with construction dudes 24/7. 
Anyway, till next time... ALOHA!

Monday, October 6, 2008

Birthday wishes to my best gal pals! Especially Kimme b/c she is 24 today!

24 Today 10/07!!!
Ambitious* posh* creative* hilarious* fun* Dear Abby.. I mean Kimme* witty* captivating* determined* classy* funny* smart*great example* cute new mom* dog whisperer* compassionate* design star* so in vogue* silly* caring* fashionable*thoughtful* wise* great listener* sensational* artistic* spiritual* romantic.. to Chris :)* serviceable* encouraging* knowledgeable* gorgeous* sympathetic* barbie* philanthropic* Too. Far. Away...sigh.

 Aunt Cheryl 
(right of my cute cousin Romney)
 Um.. like 32 on 10/02:)
Thoughtful* bubbly* intelligent* aware* creative mom* baker* logical* adventurous* savvy* fabulous chef and cake maker* pretty blue eyes* nice* willing* role model* caring* all- a-
around* sophisticated* beautiful* wonderful* involved* lively* generous* cheerful* young at heart* second mom* friendly* helpful* spelling bee winner* super mom to 2 outstanding kids*
party planner* athletic*charitable*authentic* gifted*

 26 on 10/20... coming up!
Fun to talk to* true friend* uncensored* terrific at times tables* fun* kind *sensitive* outgoing* thoughtful* amazing eyelashes* tidy* serviceable* enthusiastic* meticulous* loyal* compassionate* organized* creative* faithful* modest* spunky* smart* sweet* stylish* splendid*refreshing* small town gal* so sweet to Andy* patient*obliging* righteous* beautiful beautician* crafty* life of the party* perfect* charitable*family oriented* fabulous*

Sunday, October 5, 2008

Happy Haunting!

  I am loving the Halloween trends coming out this year!  Skulls, black crows, candy corn,  so many ghoulish delights!  My favorite decorating ideas are those you can do with a few odds and ends from home, a little spray paint, and an inexpensive trip to Target.   I think I am going to make these candles for a center piece on my table.  I am such a fan of fall decor you can eat!

Simply SKULLTASTIC!  Check out Z Gallerie and the Pottery Barn.   They make me want to be a rocker so I can decorate my house with these year round.

So much haunting to do... so little time.   

Need a door stop for trick-or-treaters?  This one is absolutely wicked! 

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