Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Grandpa Down

My Dad came to visit and stay with us Sunday night.  Over three days he traveled for work from Utah to Denver to San Antonio to Austin to Houston and then back to San Antonio.  He has incredible energy and I don't know how he keeps the travel schedule he does.  And even with all those miles and he still made time to spoil us and make us feel special.  James is a big fan of his grandpa so we are hoping he has lots more business here in the future.  Dear Dad,  Thanks for the yummy dinner and the and the gifts you brought.  We Love you!


ColleenDown said...

Yeah, there has been a sighting!! So Dad's words were, "that James is so smart" "That James is he just so cute", "That James he has the best sense of humor" "That James is incredibly brilliant" "He is just so mature" --I think that grandpa needs to get a "Grandpa Brag Book!" (Oh, he also said, "Jessica is looking beautiful and John seems to be doing very well in Houston.")

Kimme Rae said...

That video was so sweet. I miss your parents!

Dad said...


Thank you for recording a memory that is so sweet to me. I enjoyed so much seeing you, John and James. I would drive three hours any day to see Sir James--what a kick he is.

Love ya,

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