Friday, May 30, 2008

Business Trip

China Top 10

10. Visiting Guangdong! A whole city in mainland China made up of furniture stores and factories. Just rubbing Budda's tummy for a successful shopping spree. It worked!

Here is one of the huge furniture markets.

9. Being immersed in a new culture.

8. Touring a factory that manufactures conference chairs.
It is dark because the factories all have to work during the night a few days a week to cut down on pollution in the city.The people were so humble, hardworking, and so grateful for our business. I will never look at a "made in China" sticker the same.

7. After walking around the factory we all got a 2 hour massage at our hotel. It turned out to be more like Chinese torture! It was a cultural experience I will never forget!

We were bumped up to first class on our 10 hour plane ride from Tokyo to San Franciso. I don't think I will ever to be able to fly coach on a long flight again.

These are my China suveneirs. Thanks to designer knockoffs sold in Beijing I am now the proud new owner of Jimmy Choo and Dolce & Gabbana handbags.

4. The last night we hung out late into the night photographing some of the sights in Hong Kong. It was so serene and beautiful. Ever since I was little I have been hearing about and dreaming of visiting Hong Kong. My BFF Kimme spent several years there while her dad helped build the LDS temple. I dated a guy from Hong Kong before I met John because I felt such a strong attachment to the the place and the culture. It almost felt spiritual to finally walk the city streets.

3.The Greatwall in Beijing.. BREATHTAKING!

My coworkers Bri and Eric.

The view of Hong Kong from Victoria peak. It was so stunning. I felt like I was in a city 20 years in the future! Kimme, Chelsea, and my sister-in -law Sophia, you are all so lucky to have grown up in such an awesome place!

1. Coming back with a more grateful heart for my hubby, home, and freedom.

Saturday, May 17, 2008

Don John

Last night John took me to the Opera Don Giovanni. It was fabulous! The storyline was about a player who in the end gets what he deserves (he is dragged down to the underworld by a bunch of large opera women). I really should have attended this performance after a bad break up with a cheating boyfriend. It definitely would have cheered me up.
Before you start thinking we are too cultured... We were both asleep by the final act and when I was reading the program before the show I was really confused why all the character's first names were Don or Donna (apparently it is just a prefix:)

Here is another "John" I love. This is my dream bathroom I found at the hotel design show in Vegas.
On second thought, where is a girl supposed to put all her hair stylin tools? I guess it will have to be my dream guest bathroom.
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