Thursday, June 30, 2011

The Derby Days of Summer.

While in Utah I was able to join in on a girls get-away with my grandma, aunts, cousins, sisters, and mom... *whooow* that was mouthful. Now you can see why we just call ourselves the derby gals. Plus, sisterhoods are always more fabulous when you have a fun name...Just ask Hollywood's Ya Ya Sisterhood, or the Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants ...they will concur I'm sure;)

Our little club has become so close over the last few years thanks to our monthly meetings (ie, we get together once a month for lunch and eat homemade cuisine), activities like cross country skiing and swimming, and we all have blogs to keep tabs on each other.

Once a year we have retreat. This year was pretty special because we initiated the younger girls into our group.

First stop was to my Grandma and Grandpa Witzke's to wash their windows. In return they fed us some fantastic food.

Lettuce topped with fruit, sherbet, and cottage cheese. Mmmm, it really was good. We laughed because you could only have a lunch like this with ladies. My meat and potatoes man would not have been amused if I put this on his plate after a hard day at work.

Looking through grandma's old photos. This my friends is why I take too many pictures...for future family functions, so everyone can look through the albums and reminisce and laugh at the funny fashions.
After eating lunch and a lot of laughing looking through a catalog of random inventions my grandma had in her bathroom, we loaded back in the cars and drove to sunny St. George.
After touring our party pad, we put on our suits and headed to the pool.
Of course synchronized swimming ensued.
The youngest derby, Jocelyn. And the youngest youngest derby girl is also pictured here- in Romney's tummy.
The old ladies;)
how to make a <span class=
And the young-ens.

Slumber party time! The Derby girls take their sleepover snacks seriously.
My Grandma was the m.c. for a pajama fashion show.
Best chips and dip of my life. Romney, please post the recipe asap.
My family modeled the sleep ware of the the Chi Omegas from Malibu beach . I got to be my alter ego from the eighties, Tiffany.
My Aunt Cheryl really put herself out there (literally) for the fashion show. I had to put a before shot from getting ready for the pool to prove she really doesn't have a pot belly (it looks a little too authentic). Thanks to her hilarious walk (or waddle , rather) down the runway, the tone was set for some tummy aching laughs until late into the night.
Rise and shine it's morning stretch time. We started the day bright and early (early being emphasized) with a walk. Then we recharged our calorie count with some scrumptious sourdough pancakes. Then it was off for a day of shopping, ice-cream, and more swimming.
Later that night we went to Tuacahn, an outdoor theater in the heart of the red rocks.
We saw the off Broadway production of Grease for a little summer loving, Danny Zuko style.
The performance was perfect and the setting was serene...a great way to close the day. Photography was prohibited during the play so here is us posing outside the theater instead.
Many thanks for all the fun memories, everyone's efforts, and crazy good cuisine. In my book, a girl's getaway is always a good idea. I can't wait until next year. I will post all the pics online soon. Love ya ladies!

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Dear Hubby in Houston...

Hi Honey, this post is going to be short and to the point b/c I'm soooo tired from all that packing. But before it gets too late, I wanted to give you a quick look through my camera lens...
It's so nice to have home cooked dinners in the courtyard and catch up with my fam.
Here is Heather's stylin' blue streaks she is sporting for the summer.
The Sullivan's newest addition to their fam.
Trev turns 20 in three days.
When I went to help box up our house our bushes were in full bloom.
I took a pic of the rose bush we planted, then me and my mom decided it
was too pretty to leave behind, so we dug it up and she planted it in her garden. The Realtor never mentioned that the roses went with the house, right?:) I plan on digging it up from there someday too. This bush in mine for life baby.

Everything we own fills a third of a truck. How did we get so much stuff in five short years?
All empty:(
If our casa's walls could talk think of what they would say:)
I wandered our halls a good hour before I could say goodbye.
Time to lock up shop. This was taken right before I gave our house a good hug (I literally hugged her walls twice) for all the happy memories. I've been taking long bike rides through Draper with my dad to cheer myself up. Everything is so lush and green from all the rain.
Here is our anniversary pic from breakfast before I left. They say home is where the heart is and my heart is with you and James in Houston. Can't wait to see you! Take lots of pics of Grandma Gregory and the twins playing with James for me. XOXO

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Five years ago today I became Mrs. Gregory...

That title has nothing to do with the post, but it's a pretty exciting side note:) Now one last blog about the beach...

We said adieu to the Bahamas the best way we knew; a sunrise salutation and a morning swim...

Then we waved goodbye to the opal-ish ocean...
the tranquil beach...
the Bahamian song birds...
and the beautiful flowers.
Then we shook the sand out of our sandals, swept up shop, packed our bags, and headed back to the lone star state.
Helloooooooo Houston!
Here is our new Texas address. This photo is fuzzy from all the humidity.

Not the best shot, but it had my hubby's backside for my own posting pleasure;) Here is our temporary casa. We will probably live here for the summer until we find something more permanent. It is spacious and comfy, it just needed a bit of bleach and elbow grease before I would sit on the toilet seat.
After my cleaning spree we headed to Hermann Park. It's just a short metro ride away so I plan on spending the summer strolling with James in playgrounds, having picnics, and taking pictures.
And when we get too hot from all the walking we found a great spot to cool off.
Since we were back to square one, we headed to Sam's to restock the refrigerator. $200 later and we're back in business.
Over the weekend we took a road trip to Dallas to pick up some of our stuff John's Uncle Terry and Aunt Lydia were storing. I asked Lydia to give me Tex Mex cooking class so I can entertain y'all local style.
We were having such a nice time visiting we ended up staying an extra night. Lydia's cooking is like a lotus flower on the Percy Jackson movie we are watching as I type. Time seemed to stop and we just kept coming back for seconds.
John and I both agreed on the way home that good food with family is the essence of life.

Our weekend in Dallas was a good way to transition between the beach and getting back into the swing of things. Now I just have one last lap before I can really relax. Today I leave to meet with the movers to pack up our Utah house and then we will officially call Houston our home (last minute we decided to leave everything to help our house sell better). John and James are staying here in Houston with Grandma Gregory and James's twin cousins. They came to visit for the week before John starts work on Monday. Well, that's a wrap on our looooong up-date. See you soon famdamily.
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