Tuesday, July 15, 2014

My Little Glow Worm...

This is a repost from instagram.  Tommy reminds me of my favorite childhood toy when he is all swaddled up.  He is so cuddly, squeezable, and bright-eyed and we love him so much.

Thursday, July 10, 2014

Enjoying July....

What we've been enjoying the past couple weeks:
Swim lessons
Saturday night dates
Early morning jogs
Baby Tommy
Reading to the kids
 Piloxing workout
Reading scriptures
Cooler weather
Ripe watermelon
Rissy's shoe obsession
Joy school
Play dates
Grandma Gregory visiting
Neighborhood children's parade
A wonderful Fourth of July weekend...

Tuesday, July 1, 2014

A Sweet Summer So Far...

5 1/4 cups of sugar sweet!  That is what is in each batch of this yummy freezer jam.  My good friend Leslie and I are trying to beat the heat by staying indoors and cooking up a storm.  So far we have made strawberry and raspberry jam and fruit cocktail.  It is fun to hang out with friends and filling our fridge is an extra bonus.
Lunch time at Leslie's.  James and Rissy love that our jamming sessions call for an all day play-date. I love that they have the opportunity for free play without us parents hovering.  It is the next best thing to having cousins close.  
 We never get tired of Hermann park and the Houston zoo.  It is the one place I feel my kids are free to run around like wild animals.

Trying to stay cool at the splashpad.

I read this article on having a 1970's summer.  It was a good reminder to keep things simple and not be too high strung about summer fun.  It also inspired me to buy a cheap kiddie pool, otter pops full of high fructose, and let my kids play in the garden hose for hours.

Backyard face painting.  

I came up stairs one day to James and Rissy putting on a puppet show for every stuffed animal in the house.  It was pretty cute.  I am finally feeling more like myself these days.  Less like a zombie/grouch.  Life is pretty good at the Gregory house.
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