Sunday, December 14, 2014

Mele Kaliki-Makana:)

 Right now with my three little birds still at home, I feel like the world is our Oyster.  We wake up and go wherever the wind blows.  Friday it was at the beach with friends.  It is amazing, in a city of six million that we were the only ones there.  It was so peaceful, the kids had a ball with their sand pails, and Makana and I were able to get some mama talk in.  A great way to get away from the stress and hustle and bustle of the holidays.

Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Spotted and Bright...

We went to Zoo Lights opening day in November.  It is a good thing we started celebrating Christmas a month early, otherwise I would being feeling short-changed out of my holly jolly festivities about now. 
 We are going on week two of being quarantined in the house because of the flu.  Hopefully it is coming to an end because I am ready to "run, run Rudolph," all around our Christmas town.  

We are learning Rissy likes to "rock around the Christmas tree" in the early hours of the day.  She was spent by seven.  But despite a few tantrums, we still had a lovely time.   

Thursday, November 27, 2014

Oklahoma for the Holidays...

I don't think Oklahoma has ever been so pretty, Carla's turkey has never tasted so juicy, and the kids have never had so much fun as this Thanksgiving trip. I am about ready to give up the Houston lights for a home where the deer and the antelope roam...  
We toured the incredible National Cowboy and Western Heritage Museum.  Thanks Aunt Claudia for the tickets!  I loved the beautiful artwork, history I learned, and playing with James in the children's cowboy corral.

We always visit the Oklahoma zoo.  My favorite is the Oklahoma Trails exhibit.

We also visited the Express Ranch to see their Clydesdale horses.  They have a huge barn that is more posh than our house!  We were free to wander the barn with the kids and pet the horses. It blew my mind that they would open the barn doors to the public like that!  Oklahomans are so friendly!

The kids favorite part was petting this nice kitty.
 John's Grandma Nan lives with Carla now.  It has been great to spend more time with her.  
 We have also spent time with John's brother, Seth and his family.  He lives in a beautiful neighborhood with a lake that I love taking walks around, especially at sunset!

 They are always very generous with their house, food, and toys!  We had an Indian feast the night before Thanksgiving.  

We had a great Thanksgiving.  I went with the kids on our annual turkey day adventure through the green belt.  All the cousins are growing up way too fast!

I can't say enough about Carla's cooking!  She really is Super Grandma in the kitchen!

    Pretending we are home on the range has been a perfect way to ring in the holidays!  Thank you so much for the hospitality Gregory family.   
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