Monday, April 27, 2015

Living Wild and Free...

Last week James and I slept in a tent in the backyard.  It was all the fun of real camping (dirt, stars, birds singing in the trees) minus the stress and mess. 
These are the song birds outside our upstairs window.
I woke up to the sweet smell of honeysuckle growing up our fence.  It was marvelous!  
One of Tommy's first words is bird.  He LOVES balls and has the most contagious smile.  
This goldilocks is always on the go.  She makes us all smile with her constant costume changes.

When we were about to fall asleep James asked me to tickle his face and sing to him.  He said my singing makes him soooo happy.  He made his mama's day!
I can't seem to get enough of the open sky lately.  That is where my spirit soars!

Monday, April 20, 2015

Wishin' About Fishin'...

James got his first fishing pole to take to Father and Son camp out.  The church camp out was rained out but that hasn't stopped him from keeping it "reel."  He is patient and precise and as soon as he has a stocked pond he is going to be a bass pro!

James also rode his bike all the way to the grocery store Saturday morning without training wheels.  He is a big helper to his parents, has a sensitive spirit, and we couldn't be more proud.  Love you James!

Monday, April 13, 2015

Garden Club...

Tonight for Family Home Evening we recognized James for learning how to ride a bike.
Clarissa for being good at church.
Tommy for turning one and taking his first steps.
Daddy for always bringing us yummy treats from work.
And Mama for teaching James to ride a bike.  
Our kids are all such wild flowers.  Each of them unique.  They bring so much beauty and joy to our lives.  If family were flowers I'd pick these three...and their father too.  Feeling good about our little garden "plot" in life tonight.  

Thursday, April 9, 2015

Egg-cellent Easter...

 We started Easter weekend at the Adsero's house Friday morning.  We dyed eggs, had lunch, and then the kids played in the hot tub.  

 The Adsero's and Stewart's are some of our best friends from church.  Immediately after the picnic we drove to San Antonio to meet the Sullivan's for a Sea World vacation. 
Everyone's favorite show was the Azul dolphin show.  We were all mesmerized!  There is something about seeing sea life up close that is awe-inspiring!

The kids all loved the Sesame Street play land.  We spent a lot of time trying to keep tabs on our kids here.  
James horsing around with his cousins.
Charlotte and Rissy traded places this trip.  Rissy was more reserved about rides and Charlotte had no fear! 

Tommy has two teeth now.  He is my little baby beluga! 
James was asked to assist in The Bubble Blowout show.  The eccentric inventor liked his shirt.

The Shamu show was also a hit!  The Sullivan's got lucky and somehow dodged getting splashed in the "soak zone."  It was a sweat shirt kind of day so that was mighty kind of Shamu.
We ended the day at a delicious Mexican restaurant where we enjoyed great service, and lots of yummy queso.  Life is so good when you are with your cousins! 
 Sunday we went to Katy to have dinner with Heather's sister-in-law Karen.  We listened to afternoon conference then enjoyed an incredible Easter feast.  

We were able to get in on a famous Sullivan family evening Easter egg hunt.  The eggs were filled with candy, money, and prizes!  

 We were also EGGED this year by a secret Easter Bunny.  The kids were thrilled!

 Tuesday the Sullivan family came to our house to stay for a couple of days.

Earlier in the week we went to an Easter party at the park with our friend Peggy.  It felt like an old-fashioned kind of day.  There was a hay ride, James won a potato sack race, and the kids met the Easter bunny.  
It was a Happy Easter this year in Houston.  
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