Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Andy's New Crib

My mom decided to make two connecting rooms in their house "Andy's apartment." So last weekend Andy and I went shopping for new bachelor pad decor. He now has his own living room, dining space, private bathroom, and bedroom. If you want to visit, just ring his door bell. He will grab you a Propel from his fridge and whip you up dinner in his new microwave.

Sorry ladies, he has a girlfriend.

My two bachelor bros hanging out on Andy's new couch. Zac is the next Ty Pennington. He has an eye for a design and is always there to help out on all my decorating projects.

Sunday, April 27, 2008

O Canada! O Canada!

John spent a week and a half in Tulsa for work and to visit fam, so to speed up time (and to keep me from redecorating) he bought me a plane ticket to visit Kimme. It was a week filled with face masks, chick flicks, girl talk, shopping, and lots and lots of laughter.
Check out Kimme's room above, she is a design rock star!

Here is the view from Kimme's parent's porch. I could sit out there all day!

Kimme with her wonderful hubby, Chris.
I am soon to be an "aunty!" They are expecting their first baby (a boy) in August.

Apparently, you can still eat Sushi when you are expecting. Just not the hard core stuff. Fantastic news for a someday prego sushi lover!

Vancouver is like Utah on steroids. They have the ocean, Whistler, and a huge metropolis city with lots of shopping. You could surf, ski, and visit Sephora all in the same day.

Kimme's sis and my friend, Chelsea, is such an amazing woman! She is single and has 4 kids under 4! Chelsea, you are great "mum." You have the sweetest kids ever and I wish you were closer so I could baby-sit.

Saturday, April 19, 2008

A little bit of this, a little bit of that:

Hello! Sorry I haven't posted in forever! It seriously took me a plane ride, two different buses, and a ferry to make me slow down enough to write a post. I am on Vancouver Island visiting my BFF (with no phone service:) so I will take this opportunity to let you know a few of the things John and I have been up to on our Saturdays.

John's parent came to town to visit from Oklahoma. When they come, John's mom loves to fix him all his favorite foods. It was heaven not having to cook all week. Above are pictures from the Easter tabernacle performance at temple square.

John won tickets at work to the Utah Symphony, Video Games Live performance. I wore my boots, but jeez, no one told me to bring my sword! P.S. Does anyone have an old school nintendo? I have been craving mario brothers ever since.

This group takes away your blues! Last week John and I went to Vegas to see the Blue Man Group. This show is MUST SEE! I start laughing whenever I think about all the paper at the end (you'll just have to go to find out:) I've decided John can't ever go to the eye doc. He always insists on sitting on the front row because that is the only way he can see. The theater is a whole new experience without binoculars!

This is my kind of camping! John ordered a new tent online and was too excited to wait until the winter thaw, so we camped out in the living room. My vote is we keep it an "indoor" tent.
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