Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Dude Looks Like a Lady...

Every time I turn around James is dressing up in my girly things. I could probably blame it on him watching Snow White sixty times this month...or maybe it's b/c I've been dragging him all over decorating stores. But it probably has more to do with the fact that I leave my things strewn about the house while John's stuff is neatly put away in his closet:)
I realize I will have to delete this post when he has brothers...and I might even have to delete it when his daddy gets home from work. But before that happens, I will send my weeks worth of candid camera moments to the faraway fam. B/c for now, I think it is adorable my little man wants to follow in my footsteps...even if it is in high heels:)

Thursday, August 25, 2011

J Crew...

For my birthday we took advantage of Katelyn's babysitting skills to finish our sailing course. It was loads more chillax this time around. I pretty much just opted to be cargo and click my camera instead of being part of the crew...(It’s my birthday, I can “crew” if I want to;) So John took over being captain slash helmsman slash hottie and sailed us into the gulf. I sat on the bow and was on cloud nine the entire time:). I was finally the perfect temp, the view of the boardwalk was mesmerizing, and the colors in the sky put me on a week long sailor's high...

Skiing will always have a place in my heart, but I think a sailor's life is the life for me:) I get the wind in my hair, beautiful views, and my need for speed all in the comfort of cute boat shoes (instead of stiff ski boots:)
A full moon, The Beatles blasting on the radio, and me and John sitting on the bow of the boat in the bay. Hands down my most romantic b-day:)

I love the reflection of the lights on the water. It reminds me of Kimme's favorite spring trend ikat.

As you can see by James's ice-cream covered smile, he had plenty of fun with his Aunt Katelyn on the boardwalk while we were on the water:)

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Katelyn came:)...

Since the three of us sisters now live separately and are surrounded by boys, we don't like to take our girl time for granted. Whenever we have a chance to be together we pack in as many malls, movies, and museums as we can and I love every minute of it. Everything just seems more sunny, pink, and pretty with a sister. And I have a memory card full of pictures to prove it:)...
It took James about six seconds to rekindle his crush for his Aunt Katelyn:)
We went back to our condo for a few days to pack up our things and say goodbye to city living.

We did what Texanistas do best. Shop till we drop. Lot 8 is a store opened by a Project Runway winner.
Katie didn't mind getting hot and sweaty, so we walked around the city to my favorite spots.

Check out this cool temporary art installation at Rice University. This looks like a shadow but it is all just paint. Sweeeet!

I love that the Down gals are always up for the quirky art at contemporary art museums.
Katelyn likes taking pictures as much as me. she took these at the zoo and I stole them from her camera:)
Thanks for spending your last week of summer with me sis. It was so nice to have girl talk and help with James. I can't wait to hear about your new job as a nanny and about school.
Love you lots! Jess

Monday, August 22, 2011

A Sticky Birthday Wish...

Dear mom: we had a popsicle party on the porch swing this afternoon in honor of your birthday. I have lots of memories doing this with you through the years. Thanks for everything you have taught me about enjoying the sweet things in this life. I hope you have a delicious day. Love you!

Sunday, August 14, 2011

Unpackin' and Playin'...

If a picture says a thousand words, a five minute video should pretty much be a novel. Our novel would probably be titled ten feet under:) As you can see, we are too buried to blog (plus it doesn't help that we don't have internet at our house until the end the 17th). But I wanted to send a quick shout out to all our family and let you all know even though we aren't online we are still alive. Thanks so much for everyone's nice b-day wishes. Xoxo.

Sunday, August 7, 2011

“Signed, Sealed, Delivered, I’m yours...”

Thank you, Stevie Wonder, for the segue...

Signed- We literally signed our name about sixty times to seal the deal. And I was wishing I had a signature stamp since I had a wiggly toddler in my lap!

Sealed- There is no going back now. As long as we make our payments on time each month, this is where we will be bringing our future babies home in Houston!

Delivered-Our furniture doesn’t arrive until Monday, so we’ve been camping out on the floor of our new casa...

The thing that attracted us to this particular house the most was the apparent pride the owners had in every hook, hinge, hallway, and cranny. It is older than me, but it feels brand new because of it's pristine condition. I truly believe you can tell the moment you walk in a home if there is a positive spirit about a space, and thanks to the great people who lived here before us... the good vibrations are off the charts, Beach Boys worthy:)

I’ve said before that I feel like the wife and I have kindred hearts. She is one of the most creative and kind people I have met and I am hoping now that I'm sleeping under her old roof, her fairy dust will rub off on me:)

Yesterday when we walked in the house for the first time there were notes in several places along with house warming gifts.

She knew I am an aspiring artist so she left me everything I need to paint my first piece for our new pad! I am excited to get started.
This bright red vintage umbrella came with a bag filled with emergency essentials.
Hopefully, we won't have to use these anytime soon though:)
I can't wait to wear this pretty apron in our new kitchen. Every time I cook in it I will think of their kindness.
It is so nice not to worry about unpacking all our stuff immediately. We've really been able to enjoy the bare bones (no pun intended:) of the house. We just walk from room to room dreaming about our new life. As you can see James enjoyed a few minutes of naked time outside. Since we are finally at a place where neighbors can't see.
It's a slumber party. We still have the condo in the city for another week, but we were too excited so we camped. Fact: Sleeping on the floor makes my back feel like I am eighty.
Rise and shine it's morning time. I decided I am going to like waking up to the sight of the lone star each day:)
As long as it is with these two handsome guys:)

This last shot is for my sister, Heather. When she was here she asked why it sounds like there are rattlesnakes in the trees. The sound comes from cicada bugs. My friend told me they shed their shells and their old skin will stick on your clothes like a broach. This probably won't become a fashion trend anytime soon, but I was still fascinated by my temporary accessory:)
I hope everyone has a happy, healthy, peaceful Sunday. Now a home video for the faraway fam:)...

Friday, August 5, 2011

My Morning Cup of Joe...

I don’t have too many tips for mommy-ing. Honestly I am just flying by the seat of my pants. For now I am just trying to keep James fed, somewhat happy, and healthy. But next time I have to write a tip on an index card at a baby shower, it will say...Do something fun every morning. By first thing I mean before you wash a dish, start a load of laundry, or take a shower. It doesn’t have to be anything extravagant or complicated. For us, it's usually pretty simple like playing in the yard, a bike ride, a trip to a pretty park, and lately the zoo (since it's super close and we have a season pass). I just go some place I can feel the sunshine on my face, get a few endorphins to get me going, take a picture (or twenty), and spend some quality time with James. My favorite mommy quote says, "cobwebs sleep, but babies don't keep."

When I get home I am usually inspired by the outdoors, James has expended a little energy, and I am ready to conquer my day...or a least a little house cleaning;) Now that I've written a post for my posterity's sake:)...Come with us to the Zoobalyzoo...

Sometimes the weather isn't very conducive to me soaking up some sunbeams. So we have to adjust. This is our best hot weather friend. In Utah it was my Marmot-The world's warmest ski coat.
This is similar to how my hair looks while we are out exploring in the morning:)

how to make a gif
a couple of frenching Flamingos:)
how to make gif

how to make an animated gif
The zoo is like a whole other world right when it opens . The animals are more active, we get to watch them eat breakfast, and if we head straight to the back, there usually isn't a soul in sight for the first hour.

We close on our house in two short hours and it feels like Christmas morning! (Hence the Pollyanna-ish post) Next time I will be reporting live from our new casa. Can't wait:)
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