Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Splish Splash

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

James's blogging debut

This is baby James corresponding live from IHC hospital and here is my story....
A while ago I heard the doc tell my mama that I should be born early (like the end of September early October). That is when I said to myself, heck no! I have football plans down the road and I need to be a big boy. I'll come when I am good and ready!

Then when my mom started to go way over her due date, she was not a happy lady:( And you know what they say about when mama ain't happy.
So, when my parents were about to get up for church on Sunday, I gave my mom one of my best kicks to help break her water. I figured it was pretty good timing right before sacrament. Plus, my dad could spend the day watching some good football games.
Soon my parents were off to the hospital. My mom was in lots of pain when she got her epidural at 11. I decided she needed something to use against me when I act up as a teenager:). The rest of the day she was pretty comfy.
About 8 pm my mom was dilated to a ten and it was time for her to start pushing. After about 2 hours I saw the narrow tunnel through which I was to enter the world and said, No Thanks! You will have to take me out another way! That is when the gruff old doctor decided to wheel the fam into surgery for a c-section.

This is a picture of my daddy right before I came out. I thought he was looking pretty spiffy. Like Dr. House on tv.

And here is my first picture! I love it. I am giving my best dinosaur roar and it shows what a big boy I am.
9 pounds 12 oz. I am the biggest grandchild to date!

Here I am getting all washed up so I can get my snuggle on.

My Gregory grandparents sent this hat attached to some pretty flowers for mom. I love supporting the team.

Here I am a day later with my uncle Andy. He owes me. I guess the Down family bet how big I would be and he got the closest at 9 pounds 14 oz. He is now $100 richer! He can buy me a bottle of formula later:)

Here I am hanging with the boys... uncle Jake, Zac, and Andy. They look pretty cool.

Here I am posing with my beautiful aunts, Heather and Katelyn.

This is my Mama. She is recovering quickly from her surgery. She says she has never been so content and is completely on cloud nine. She can't get enough cuddling with me and is so happy that I am such a happy healthy baby.

Here is one last picture of me and my daddy. Everyone says that I look just like him. I can't wait until I can spike my hair just like his.

I will be arriving home from the hospital soon. I am sure excited to meet everyone. Thanks for all of the love and support. Oh, and thanks for being patient with me coming so late. It was for the love of the game:)

Baby James

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

James, you should be here by now!

Here is my Outlook reminder that keeps popping up on my desktop. It's official, baby G is moving at a glacial pace and is now LATE! I refuse to dismiss or press snooze until the stork comes a knockin'. I wish there was some kind of UPS tracking number I could look up and see where the heck he's at. Until then, I will keep waiting, and try to pass the molasses moving minutes with a little post....

Please meet our new friend, Bob. We welcomed this set of wheels into our house this weekend as a pres from my mom. Thanks to my friend, Brooke, for recommending him (I was completely sold on it after I saw her post preggo bod:) It is a jogging/everything stroller with an attachment for his infant seat. I am in love and may or may not of taken him on a little spin around the basement this morning:) Who knew I could be so excited about a stroller??!

Today is also my Canadian friend, Kimme's b-day. She sent me these pictures yesterday of her cute fam and since she is not yet a blogger I decided to share. So artistic and I LOVE the bright colors. My favorite color scheme in the world is the primary colors with a touch of bright turquoise. I hope you have a fantastic day and I can give you an honorary nephew for your b-day.

Thursday, October 1, 2009

Jessica's Pregnancy FACTS

9 months is a LONG time.

9 months flies by! (insert nervous face)

I can't drive our honda anymore b/c my humongous tummy hits the steering wheel and keeps my legs from reaching the clutch.

I appreciate my mom more than EVER and how she did this 7 times!

My sisters are my BFF's.

Among other things... I like to cook, clean, and greet John at the door at 5:30. So 1950's, but I love it.

I have a secret life I lead at 3 am with Jimmy Fallon, then abc news up to the minute, and most recently my waffle maker.

I miss shopping for clothes..but...shopping for baby things is so much better.

All my decorative pillows that John thought were ridiculous have gotten some major use (picture one propped under feet, laptop, arms, behind back, head... AND they are more comfy b/c they are stylin':.. just saying).

I automatically have loads more in common with all my friends who are mama's. It is amazing how much I can talk about labor, babies, and pregnancy!

John is a very good husband-FACT!

Food is sooooo yummy :) Cravings rock my world...and bubble baths.

I feel super blessed to have had hardly any back pain. Especially since I had major back surgery when I was 11.

I love reading the pregnancy calender every Sunday with my hubby. Check out our last week.

When you only fit into 2 outfits you do lots less laundry.

I miss high heels *sigh*
I want, no NEED the new strappy style that makes your feet look like they are in some strange torture device.

Feeling James move in my tummy is better than any big paycheck, a new outfit, skiing, and almost anything else.

Everything baby, actually pretty much anything makes me cry! The pixar movie,
Up, made me sob.

I heart the gospel, and going to church more than ever.

I gained 50% of my normal weight while pregnant! I will be needing my Turbo Jam videos I loaned out back in a few weeks;)

Life is precious, treasure everyday with loved ones.

I have some outstanding friends, fam, and ward members!

A couple weeks ago a lady asked me how many babies I am having and was completely shocked when I told her only 1. My doc said she has a very untrained eye AND untrained social skills. ha ha...:)

I LOVE meeting John for lunch after my Dr. appointments.

The picture I just took above makes me appear LOTS smaller than I really am. Maybe when John gets home I will take a more painful realistic one:)
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