Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Fall in Utah...

This week in Utah the weather has been gorgeous.  I've never seen my mom's house and garden look so pristine.  
 The roses are still blooming because there hasn't been a fall frost.
 My mom's nice neighbor Rose invited us to pick pumpkins in her huge garden.  It was so much more quaint than a crowded public pumpkin patch.
 Aunt Katelyn came along.
 The kids have been picking and eating fresh apples from Nana's tree all week.
 James selected his pumpkin and Aunt Katelyn did the big pumpkin pull.
 This is the beauty Rissy picked.

 They took a pretend ride on their old John Deere.  Tommy especially loves to drive.
 Look at the beautiful Draper mountains. I miss them.
 After we picked pumpkins we spent a good hour on her swing set.

 Showing off our goods.
 Next Uncle Zac took James on a spin on his new Harley.
 Yup, our kids LOVE to pretend to drive.  
Great start to the Salt Lake state.

Thursday, October 8, 2015

Rissy and Tommy - Double Trouble...

Ever since James started school the dynamics at our house have changed.  Tommy and Rissy are quite the characters.  I have to constantly keep my eye on them because I never know what mischief they will get into.  Like the day they threw one of every boot, high heel, and tennis shoe I own into a full bathtub.  I was just glad that no one drowned, and that they chose the tub instead of the toilet.  These two make me crazy- along with constantly laugh.  I don't feel the need to run around as much because they are perfectly content to stay home and play in the backyard together.  It is fun that they are so close in age and have each other.  I hope they are always great friends.

Tommy joins in his sisters ballet class and likes to dress in her clothes.  I love that he is so innocent to society's gender norms.
All three of our kids LOVE to act like dogs.  I totally encourage it because for some reason they are much more well behaved when they are role playing as pups.

Our wild bunch are growing much too fast.  Here is a family video to help freeze time.   

Monday, October 5, 2015

Happy Birthday to Clarissa

 Clarissa turned three September 27th.  She is sassy but sweet.  LOVES ballet class for a maximum of 35 minutes, then wants to go outside and play in the mud.  She has an iron will, especially when it comes to what she will wear.  Which we are mostly fine with.  Except when she insists on wearing her swimsuit on a frigid day in Scotland.  We adore this spunky girl and we are so glad she is in our family.  

 Rissy opening her birthday card from Grandma Carol.   She is wearing the gift from her mom and dad.  Out of the whole Target store she picked an Elsa dress.  I am telling you, this girl loves fashion.
 Grandma Gregory sent a play-doh set and a mermaid dress.
Rissy blowing out her candles in her pancakes.  Later we had Gumbo for her birthday dinner because that is what she asked for.  She is a girl who knows what she wants.  Happy Birthday pretty girl!
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