Thursday, July 22, 2010

J'adore ma famille!

Because I am no longer nursing (Oh sad, painful day!) I haven't been able to get my bloggidy on:( Hopefully someday I will be able to catch up on our summer happenings.

In a few short hours I will be leaving on a jet plane for 11 whole days on a trip with my mom and sistahs. I don't have pics in my wallet, so I’m posting photos of my two favorite men to gaze upon as I sit in some far away Internet cafe.

John has become quite the chef all of the sudden. He has concluded that cooking is closer to chemistry than he previously thought. And by following a recipe with precision he will get a perfectly prepared pizza. I guess that is why my cooking could still use some improvement…I'm much more concerned about visual presentation than the formula for flavor.

Having a baby is like eating a delicious ice-cream cone on a hot summer day. We are trying to savor each new stage- every flavor, but time is melting away faster than we can eat it all up.

I don’t know how I am going to make it since I left James for a few short hours tonight and the sight of a mother ducky with her chicks made me want to cry. At least I know he is going to be in great hands with his Grandma Gregory.

So until next time… Au revoir!

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

So I Think This Girl Can Dance!

What is modern about modern dance
is its resistance to the past,
its response to the present,
its constant redefining if the idea of dance.
*Marcia B. Siegel*

My sister, Heather, just finished up a 2 week, 9-5 dance camp at the Repertory Dance Theater. I got to see her perform the last day with some of the company.
This chica has birthed 5 kids and she can still shake it like Polaroid picture. Impressive.
Thanks for your example to keep moving as a mother, sistah. Now I am going to get my groove on with the vacuum:)

Thursday, July 8, 2010

James and Andy

Saturday, July 3, 2010


Can I say, I am Gaga over Glenwood Springs! Here is why you and your fam should skip your next vacay to Vegas and head here instead: It’s such a pretty town where two beautiful rivers meet in the mountains. It’s only 45 minutes from Aspen and Vail but much more affordable. And, there is so much to do (biking, rafting, hot springs…I could go on for hours baby!)

The last night in Colorado we went on a long bike ride by the river. On the way back we saw a sign for Doc Holliday’s grave, so we biked up the mountain to an old cemetery to pay our respects to this ruffian of the wild west.

Oh ya, Meet Burley…Bob the stroller's new bunk mate. Thank you, Grandpa Gregory for the extra spending cash. We've already put lots of miles on this Mr.!

After Colorado, we took the Brontosaurs Boulevard and the Stegosaurus Freeway to Vernal, Utah (for reals…the gps even said!) When we were able to tear Drew away from Sponge Bob, we swam, biked, and got our museum hoppin on.

Friday, we rung in the holiday weekend with a Real Salt Lake soccer game. Afterwards, we decided to live la vida loca with a midnight showing of Eclipse. Which explains why we are convalescing on the couch with our suitcases still strewn on the living floor. This Sistah needs a little more siesta! So goodnight and have a fabulous Fourth!

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