Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Ice Ice Baby...

Here is a picture to document Houston's polar freeze.  John is working from home today for the second time in a week because of our winter weather.  Coming from Utah it seems crazy that the whole state closes down because of 35 degree weather, but since the city doesn't own a snow truck or de-icer it is best to stay indoors.  
James and Rissy are the best of friends.  It is so fun watching them play, laugh, and wrestle together.  Rissy loves to dress up especially in her brother's clothes.  James on the other hand, prefers to be without clothes.  They are quite the stylin' combo.  
John has had a break from traveling this last month.  Life is happier when he is home!
We've been busy with lots of play-dates.  My best Houston friend, Jamie, is moving to Missouri next month, so we are packing in play-dates before she packs up to leave:(  
John's Grandma Nan, sent Great Grandma Clarissa's rocker with Carla when she came.  It is over a hundred years old and has rocked four generations of babies in John's family.  I adore it and we have already spent many many hours rocking on it.  It has been the highlight of the new year!
Unfortunately, all this cold weather has killed all my flowers except my roses:(  Fortunately, I've caught the third trimester nesting bug so I've had some energy to rip out some of the dead plants along with do a little painting around the house.

I can't believe this is the last week in January.  Thank goodness!  Time is not famous for flying when I have a bun in the oven:)  Hope everyone is doing well and staying warm.  Love, Jess

Saturday, January 4, 2014

After Christmas Celebrating...

 We had a nice night at zoo lights as a family.

 James, Rissy, and I made an awesome fort.  

 Grandma, Ann Marie and Ashur came for the week.  We went to the Butterfly Exhibit.  

On New Years Eve the kids painted while I cooked.  

 We have had some rare cold weather so we warmed and drank cocoa by the fire pit. 
 Our Christmas elf hung around till new years.  
Cheers to 2014!
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