Friday, May 31, 2013

A Romanian Holiday...

Bucharest is such an interesting place.  It was once called Little Paris in the early 1900's because of the architecture and Arc de Triumphe replica.  But after the communist regime came in, the city fell into ruins.  So today it is a mixture of dilapidated neoclassical buildings and concrete box apartments.  Not as picture perfect as Paris, however, there are bright roses and beautiful parks dotting the blocks that help soften the city.  I am  loving traveling somewhere so new and exciting.  It is like no where I've ever been or seen on tv.  I am completely fascinated with this place, the people, and it's history.
 My eyes have once more been opened to the detriment of communism similar to my trip to China.  I would have loved to see this place at the turn of the twentieth century. 

 While John was at work I walked all over the city and went to The Museum of Peasant History.  I loved seeing the intricate stitched white linen dresses.  I wish I could have gone crazy taking pictures but they wanted to charge me 70 lei so I put my lens away.


I am having the time of my life.  It is so nice to not worry about the kids.  We skype with them every night and it is apparent they aren't missing us at all.  Carla is taking perfect care of them.  I haven't been so relaxed and carefree in years.  Business trips minus the business (for me anyway) rock this mama's Romanian socks.  Tomorrow we leave for a weekend away in the Carpathian Mountains.  Can't wait!

Wednesday, May 29, 2013


The airport in Amsterdam will give you a whole hospital room for breast pumping if you ask. #dutchpumpanddump #whoknew? #betterthantheloo
 John's other life is posh.
#shouldhavebroughtheels  #littlefishbigpond  #radissonblu
I love my business man.
 #outdoorcafe #romaniaisromantic #secondhoneymoon

Saturday, May 25, 2013

John In His Birthday Suit...

Birthday suit, PG style:) John passed his Professional Engineers Exam and it is his 32nd birthday today. So we went on a rare shopping spree to celebrate.  He has earned it.  Happy Birthday to my hardworking, hot hubby! 

Thursday, May 23, 2013

Tyler and Jamie Tie the Knot...

We spent a nice evening at the reception of my cousin Tyler.  We are glad to have Jamie officially part of the Down family.


Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Kentucky Derby Girls...

In honor of the Ussery girl's home state, we had a Kentucky Derby party while we were in Utah.  It was a special day because Rissy met her Great-Grandma Witzke for the first time.

Rissy with her Great-Grandma Down

There must of been a memo about mom's dinner rolls because all six of my siblings showed up.

James had a little jet lag here.
I would rather eat at a Derby Girl lunch than at the most expensive restaurant in town, the food is that good!
Aunt Cathy and Brynlee.

Rissy with her Great-Grandpa Witzke.

There were no thoroughbreds, however, there was plenty of homemade bread.  What a beautiful Derby day at "the Downs!"
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