Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Colorado Rocky Mountain High.................

John supervised a crew in Colorado, so James and I followed him up there for a little road trippin'. The week pretty much can be summed up by the below picture...Baby James+
Bob the stroller+my jogging shoes................................

I feel like a tour guide introducing my baby to all the world has to offer... Some of James's firsts on this trip included: a to listen to a Bob Marley soundtrack, a spotting of the moon, and a stroller ride along the Colorado river....

We went to the much advertised Rifle Gap. We asked the park attendant at the information center to point us to the gap and she nonchalantly replied she didn't know where or what it actually was... For Reals, lady...way to have pride in your job/home town. It was pretty hilarious, considering we had just paid her 6 bucks to see the Rifle Gap.
So it kinda became my mission to find the gap. Apparently this is it. In the 70's one of my favorite artists hung this installation there... kind of think they ought to have left it... or at least put a plaque up in rememberance. Thank goodness for google.

One afternoon was spent at Glenwood Springs soaking in the hot springs pool. Nothing like a sulfur spa to stimulate your senses;) James LOVED the springs and it seriously felt like summer until you had to get out..Buuuuuuuuuuuuur!
Fact: This hot tub spring is over 100 years old. There was a picture of it at a restaurant with pioneer woman soaking in their bloomers and bonnets.

Apparently Colorado has taken the rocky mountain high lyrics a little too literal. These medical marijuana shops were everywhere. Smell of weed permeating the fresh mountain air=Lamesauce!

My vacay to Aspen dream was realized. And it was magnificent! Everything I ever dreamed and so much more! *sigh of fulfillment* I've never seen so many learjets in my. entire. life.
And I got some serious ski fever looking at all those happy shiny spring skiing people.
Since I couldn't ski with James (steep hills, steep prices)... we went art gallery hopping.
I met some kindred spirit skier/artists and
left inspired by the art, architecture and the breathtaking scenery.

Here is my little snow angel enjoying the Aspen snow. I am trying to spend as much time as possible acclimating him to the mountain air so he will love the West. Those Gregory prairie loving genes are sorta strong:)
It was great to explore some of the towns we usually just pass on the way to Denver. It made me think that I need to take better advantage of exploring some of the places around my abode. So many times on the trip I took a moment to think about how lucky I was to be chilling with my baby in the middle of the day on a weekday and not in some cubicle or in staff meeting...ugh! Yup, being a mom has made me one happy gal!

On the way home we stopped at a small town and picked up this fireplace mantle we found on KSL for 60 bucks. I am pretty happy since we were about to pay LOADS more for some faux stone one. I can't wait to get started painting it and attaching it the wall. Before and after pics coming soon.

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

A trip to see G & G Witzke....

This week, James, and I ventured down to Southern Utah to visit his great grandparents in their new Casa.
We went on a little shopping spree for a few decorating odds and ends. James probably thinks his second home is the Home Depot. He has spent more time there than in his nursery:) We took a little Applebee's break to get refueled before we braved the feisty crafters at Robert's.

We decided to do a little DIY project for a blank wall in her sewing room. This was the inspiration for our artwork.

We applied scrapbook paper (.60 cents) to craft board ($4 each) with a little Mod Podge.
Cost: about $20.00!

Voila, the finished product.
(P.S. Thanks for teaching me to Mod Podge Aunt have fulfilled a dream of mine;)

James decked out in a teddy bear ensemble my grandparents gave him.
It was so good to see you Grandma and Grandpa Witzke, we love your new pad! Love you lots!
Jessica and James.

Friday, March 12, 2010

Life's a beach

At church Sunday the teacher talked about how a small grain of sand is so insignificant, but combined it can make a beautiful beach...That made me think of how an accumulation of precious moments make up a wonderful lifetime.
Soooo, here are 10 grains for sand from last weekend that I know I will want to click through when I'm a granny...surfing through this blog... in my rocker ...............................

1) John took me to Tuscany for date night. It was yummy from appetizer to dessert. We went there about 4 years ago at this time. So I pretended like it was then...and I got butterflies again:)

How many piles of pics do I have of me feeding my face?! My taste buds are reliving the moment as I type...Mmmmmmmm. Delish!

2) John having every other Friday off. Hallelujah for long weekends.

3) Sleeping in while John and James have father son bonding time over the PlayStation.

4) Spending hours with our giggly baby, b/c every one says this time goes by way. too. fast. So we're listening.... and playing.

5) Eating blueberry waffles with so many blueberries you can't see the waffles.
(John would demur, His breakfast date is Jimmy Dean.)

6) Finally getting on top of my laundry mountain.

7) Watching James do new things daily. The latest and greatest...rolling on his belly.

8) Knowing that James's first spring is just around the corner... and he will finally see we don't actually live in a winter wasteland.

9) Walking in the office and seeing John studying dreadfully boring chemicals for hours on end, all for the the love of the fam.

10) Watching the Hollywood glitz and glam in the Oscars and having my two favorite actresses nominated.

So.. Like sands on the are the moments of our lives:) Peace!

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Glammin up the Kitchen

As expected, my spring fever decorating bug came a knockin' mid February. I fervently obliged with project:revamp kitchen:)
I bought these handy dandy stainless steel stickem tiles for less than a tank of gas! John lovingly gave up his weekend to apply the tiles and frame out our kitchen window.
It totally shined up the place and revitalized the Rachael Ray in me enough for my next DIY, project:learn to bake better cookies:)
The drapes and rug came from World Market. There is so much color packed in that store right now, just a stroll down the aisles will shake your winter time blues. Click here for fabulous coupon ($10 dollars off $30 expires 03/14).

And, while I'm on the subject ....Liberty of London debuts March 14th at Target! Can't wait!!! (Dearest Kimme, So sad you don't have a Target in Canada:( Which is another reason why you NEED to move back to the states ASAP! your loving bff, Jessica:)

I know that practically everyone of my friends has a little DIY project going on. So..Please post pics:)... b/c who doesn't looooove a good makeover story?!

Thursday, March 4, 2010

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