Saturday, May 31, 2014

Time Flies...

This month as I've sat on  the porch swing nursing Tommy I feel like I've literally watched the flowers bloom and my kids grow before my very eyes.  What a blessing...

 We can tell if it is a humid day in Houston by Rissy's curly hair.
 My little monkeys.  Aunt Cathy sent this cute outfit for Tommy.
 Grilling cheeseburgers has become a staple.

 Our first big adventure with Tommy was the zoo.
When I get stir crazy we go on walks or to the park.  
 Our neighborhood smells like heaven with magnolias, honeysuckle, and gardenias.  The southern gardens  make me forget the mountains.

 Katelyn came for a week to help out.  It was nice to have sister time and catch up on some sleep.  She took the nine to midnight that literally saved me.

 Heather, Dave, and Charlotte came for a few days this past week.  We had a southern crawfish picnic on the patio.

James has Texas taste-buds. He ate half the bucket of  "mud bugs."
This month has been exhausting but sweet.  The days have flown by but the fussy evenings seem long.  Thank goodness for sisters, sweet friends, and a helpful hubby.  
Well this baby is sleeping, so I should too.  Signing off, sleepless in Spring.
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