Friday, November 13, 2015

The Canyons Were Calling...

We chose a perfect week to visit family and see the pretty fall leaves in Utah.  The sun was shining everyday, the weather was divine, and several of my siblings schedules aligned for some family hike time.   
Whenever we go to Utah, all I want is to be in the mountains.  Luckily my family loves it too.  This day my dad took off work and everyone was there except Trevor and Jake. 
This was around Siver Lake.  
Grandpa with all his grandsons.  
This was up in the Lonepeak wilderness area.  James and I hiked it together then we had a picnic with Nana, Rissy, and Tommy at the bottom.

Rissy and her Nana

Clarissa and Charlotte

Mom and dad

Andy and I walking around Solitude.

We also spent some time in Heber with the Sullivan Family.  Breakfast is always scenic at their house.

Sunday Uncle Mike made delicious Mexican food and I was able to catch up with the cousins.
I feel like I have all the gold in the world on a golden afternoon like this!  Being far away makes fall all that more special.  I am glad we answered the call of the West.  

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