Saturday, January 17, 2015

January Blossoms

Today was a beautiful Spring-like day at the Botanical Gardens just a short twenty five minutes from our house.  It blows my mind that we are just finding out about this place today.  There are miles and miles of trails, parks, gardens, swamps, bogs, and boardwalks.  And it is absolutely free.  I feel that this is Houston's best kept secret!  

 These are the first blossoms I've seen this year.  They smelled delicious!  I love that Houston winters only last a month.  

John is such a good dad.  He is so hands on with the kids and wants to spend all his free time with his family.  I am a lucky wife!

If you ask James what he wants to be when he grows up, he will tell you a space scientist superhero... and a missionary.  

I love Bald Cypress trees growing in the swamp.  They speak to my soul.  Must be my Louisiana roots.
I love to cuddle Tommy in his kangaroo pooch.  I think the feeling is mutual because he hardly ever complains.  
Perfect day for a tuna sandwich picnic.

Today was a little slice of heaven.  How we adore these three and their giggly, inquisitive, energetic ways.  

Thursday, January 15, 2015

Moody Gardens...

I had so much fun today with the kids at Moody Gardens in Galveston.  Thanks to the Grandmas and the Christmas cash they sent, we bought a pass.  I know we are going to make so many great memories here this year. 

In every walk with nature one receives far more than he seeks.  John Muir 
That was written on a plaque in the entrance to the rain forest exhibit.  I concur!  I never regret getting out and about with my little crew.   

Thursday, January 1, 2015

It's a Wonderful Life...

This Christmas was fit for a Jimmy Stewart movie. We tried to focus on keeping it simple and putting Christ as the center.   It has been a wonderful week filled with friends, family, delicious food, (another round of the flu), and thanks to John's iPhone... lots of home videos:)... 

 I had a small tea party (minus the tea) for my friend Holly's birthday.  Holly, Charlotte, Joi, and Peggy came.  The company was delightful and I am making a resolution for more afternoon play dates with dainty dishes in 2015.
 My kids love The Nutcracker and watched the entire performance via amazon prime over dinner one night.  I love that they are as enchanted as I once was with the ballet.
 Something I never want to forget - the cute way Rissy says "hat."
 A few days before Christmas, Grandmother Gregory and the twins came with an SUV full of Christmas cheer including gifts, large and small, poinsettias (from Nan), and more.  We had a great time with Grandma and the twins.  Grandma treated us to a movie (Big Hero 6) and treats, and we attended a live nativity at the Catholic church up the street.  We were able to pet a real camel.  We plan on making a visit to the live nativity a Christmas tradition!
 Our Elf on the Shelf Jiminy brought a small gift for the kids a few days before Christmas.

This lego tree is in the lobby at John's new campus.  
 For Family Home Evening, we had a night in Bethlehem and learned about the Savior's birth.  

 Santa came along with the Bullock family.  They were so generous with their love and gifts!

 After the kids went to bed, Santa (with the help of Mrs. Claus) brought snow.
 "The children all nestled and snug in their beds'"

 Thanks to Grandma and Nana, Christmas morning was glorious!  My kids got everything they wanted and then some!

John made egg, ham, and cheese sandwiches for Christmas morning breakfast.
Christmas afternoon brought the Wilde family.  We spent the next day in the Museum District viewing the Menil Collection.

They were incredible house guests and filled our ovens with pies and bread, read books to and held our babies.

If every time a bell rings, an angel gets it's wings; then we gave out dozens with how much the oven timer chimed.  Eating wonderful food with the ones I love is what life is all about!  Thank you, friends and family for your thoughtful gifts, cards, treats, and time.  This is by far our favorite time of year and we hope that everyone had an equally delightful holiday!
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