Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Big Easy Over the Big Apple.

If I had to pick between a vacation to the city of New Orleans or NYC I would pick New Orleans in a New York minute!  I love this quirky city, and its many colors, live oaks, and southern hospitality.  We joined John last week for a conference at the Ritz Carlton. While John worked 8-6 the kids and I explored the zoo, water park, children's museum, and aquarium.  At night we wandered the city, ate Cajun food, and swam in the hotel pool.  We discovered the Big Easy isn't so easy with our three, but definitely worth the work!  I wouldn't trade the memories we make out on the road for all the money in the world.

 The Ritz spoiled us rotten with chocolate, turned down sheets, and free passes to the parks.  

 Living large.
New Orleans city zoo.
 It was pretty hot so we opted to spend the day in the zoo's water park.  Then we took a thirty minute train through the zoo see the animals.  It worked out perfect!  

This is right after James winked at me from his seat on the zoo train.  This little boy melts my heart.  
 This little girl melts a lot of ice cream:)  Especially because she takes a bite out of the bottom of the cone in the beginning.
One night we had pizza in the hotel courtyard.  It was so peaceful and posh and the doorman brought us cold water and offered us red wine on the house.  We declined but appreciated the gesture.

New York might have Broadway, but I think I prefer the spontaneity of the jazz bands on Bourbon street.  And seriously, Central Park has nothing on City Park's old mossy trees.  I am definitely a Southern city girl at heart.  

Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Tommy Turned 1!

April 12th was Tommy's first birthday.  We kept it simple with a party with just the five of us.  
We all adore this kid and his kissable bald head so much.  Here are a few reasons why.
He LOVES balls and will beeline it across the room to play with one.
He has incredible strength and can climb about anything.
He loves to laugh with his sister and play with his brother.
He likes being outside and enjoys the taste of dirt and rocks.
He is happy and content as long as he is being held (preferably by his mama:).
He can down half a box of Mac and Cheese.
His head is so soft and just begs to be rubbed.
He loves sea world and sits transfixed in all of the shows.
Ever since he was born, strangers have commented on how alert he is and how he watches everything that is going on.
He gives the best hugs every morning.
Love you so much Tom Tom!

Thursday, May 7, 2015

Weekend Getaway

 We traveled to Sea World San Antonio over the weekend to meet up with John's childhood friend Bill.   We have Sea World figured out now and it was a blast!  The trip was pretty care free and John and I felt like a couple of kids again.  Good thing because we are outnumbered with these three.  If you can't beat 'em, join 'em!

 There were beautiful butterflies (and smooshed caterpillars) all over the place.  
 This time we wore our swimsuits so we could sit in the soak zone.  Despite being prepared, Shamu decided not to splash us.  Murphy's law.   

 My blue-eyed baby Beluga.  

 A special activity was dining with Shamu.  It turned out to be a nice break because of the private setting, and the kids were thrilled and on their best behavior.  Tommy was intensely focused on the whales.  If only a whale could join us for every meal!  
 Tommy has two teeth with another one on top coming in.  The trainer said she was entranced with his big eyes and smile. 
 This will always be a wonderful memory for me.  
Shamu showing the crowd a big grin.  These animals are so beautiful.
John's friend Bill and wife Laurie.
The next day we went to Sea World's Aquatica.  The whole place catered to kids.  Here you swim under a waterfall and end up in an aviary.  
 We felt like we were back in the Bahamas!
James loved all the water park slides.  We are entering into a new fun stage now that he can go on most the rides.
I am so glad we bought an annual pass.  I'm already dying to go back!

Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Here Comes The Bride...

My friend Jacqueline got hitched last week.  She didn't have a photographer so I stepped in.  A wedding this precious and pretty needed to be documented!  I'm glad I did.  It was a fun day and Jackie and her family were so gracious.
Her kids were adorable.  I was so impressed with all the detail of her flowers and decor.  
Jacqueline and her new hubby were baptized last month.  I hope we can repeat this day next year when they go to the temple.  
Ha ha.  I haven't been to a wedding for awhile.  I was cracking up at all of the iphones. 
Jacqueline and her family are from Belize.  I love their island style.   
Far left is my good friend Joi.  These ladies are both a breath of fresh air and I am so glad they go to my church! 
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