Tuesday, December 23, 2008


Jingle Bells
My mom bought us retro Christmas earrings to wear while we baked to help us get in the yule time spirit. We just need Christmas sweaters and big hair bows to complete the ensemble.

Enough white stuff to get 6 different trucks very stuck!

What Child is this?
My three cute nephews....


Font sizeIssac

Over The Hills and Through the Woods to Grandmother's House We Go.

This is how Zac decided he would ride to the cabin from church. Genius.

My co-conspirator hubby.

Deck the Halls with Games of Poker
Take note of who has the most chips- hint*
hint* moi!

Oh Christmas Tree! Oh Christmas Tree!I think I might have to frame this shot. Why do men look so attractive with an axe?

My mom, John, and I went and cut down this tree for the cabin.

Unfortunately, our tree didn't quite make the cut because my family said it looked like a branch. Thankfully, Zac saved the day and found this beaut high upon the mountain top.

We decorated the tree with stuff laying around the house. Q- tip holders, fake snow, and pine cones.

...Have a Cup of Cheer
Andy had a little too much cheer. He loves the cocoa powder so much he told us he wants his new name to be Hot Chocolate.

Riding in a 100 Horse Powered Sleigh

Saturday, December 13, 2008

Passionate about PC's and Promos

After leaving my job, I realized I would have to hand over my trusty Apple laptop. So for an emergency early Christmas present, John went out at 5 am on Black Friday to surprise me with the above pictured computer. Previously, I thought that I was the hip Mac daddy, but I now realize I am loving being the "Dwight like" PC guy. If you're shopping for a computer I am telling you, once you go Compaq you'll never go back.
Also, in case you didn't know, when ordering things online google "(Store name) coupon codes" or "promotional codes" and google will pull up the discount codes for whatever store you're shopping at. You can usually get free shipping, some percentage off, or a bonus gift. I've received up to 50% off an online purchase. So, until next time... I'm off to Sephora for some savvy cyber shopping.

Monday, December 8, 2008

It's official. My cougar hubby is crossing over to the dark side! We just found out that he was accepted to the Masters in Chemical Engineering program at the U.
I was the first to open the letter because he wasn't home so I was able to see what a few of his core classes will include...

Multi-component Mass Transfer
Fluid Mechanics
Chemical Reaction Engineering

*DREAD* My head hurts just thinking about them. All I know about science is OPPOSITES really do ATTRACT! Thank goodness so our kids will have someone to help them with their math homework.
Anyway, I am very proud of my smart hubby and I don't think I will even mind being starving students for a little while:

Saturday, December 6, 2008

Oh Christmas Tree Oh Christmas Tree

For the second year my mom and aunts did a tree for the Festival of Trees. This time, four generations were involved. It took almost the entire day to set up, but these gals are such a good time it went by in a jiffy. I am so thankful we are all such good friends and I can't wait to continue the tradition.

If I had an extra 27 G's this tree would be in my living room this Christmas. If you saw it, I'm sure you would agree. Outstanding!

Tonight we we went on a big group date to the see the finished products. Here are a few of us posing by one of my favorite trees. Sandi (in the middle) introduced me to John back in the day. Anyone know any hotties? It has been my goal ever since to repay the favor.

This is what John is doing right now as I blog. Watching the OU game that he tivoed so lovingly so we could go on our date. Such sacrifice. He was blessed. They won and will be in the national championships. GO Oklahoma!

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

My To-Dos Today

  • Workout- maybe
  • Blog in the middle of the afternoon in my pink valour jumpsuit
  • Talk on the phone to my BFF for like an hour
  • Clean my house
  • Play with my new kitty, House Bunny
  • Buy a cedar plank to make Kimme's salmon recipe
  • Go to the salon (I'm desperate for some hairapy)
  • Shop for a stylin new outfit
Wait...What Jessica?? No work? Um ya, don't worry, I quit my job after 3 LONG years! I am so grateful for the experience but very happy to be moving on.
Lunch anyone? I am available:)

House Bunny's 1st photo shoot:

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