Thursday, July 30, 2009

July Recap!

This has been a busy month (like every one's apparently from the lack of posting going on from my peeps!) I will be welcoming a slower paced schedule in August so I can get my nesting on. Here is a little record keeping of what we did during the "lazy" days of summer...

John's parents and niece and nephew came for a couple of weeks. John took them all to his favorite place on earth, Disneyland. I opted to stay at home on my parent's couch to recover from kidney stones. We did all go to the new temple together. Gorgeous!

James is getting bigger. Floors and furniture are starting to creek as I pass by, his kicks are getting stronger, and he looks like a baby instead of a shrimp/alien thing. Only two long HOT short months left:)

I attended a ladies only reunion with all of the girls on my mom's side. It was a blast. I always have such a great time with these gals. We had a Louisiana style seafood bake in honor of my great grandma Nana. The food was delish and I am still laughing from the funny jokes, stories, and Aunt Cheryl's sleeping accessories.

John and I were in charge of Youth Conference this year. We had a beachy theme about catching the wave back to our Heavenly Father. It was A LOT of work but it sounds like the kids had a good time and hopefully they got a little something out of it. I sure did. I am more thankful for my past youth leaders than ever before and I will never do something like that again in my third trimester!

Sunday, July 19, 2009

Missing our Bunny

Such a sad week! We had to put Bunny down because she was hit by a car:( I had no idea loosing a pet could hurt so much. She has been a huge part of our lives this past year and has seriously been like our baby. She was such a pretty, sweet, curious little kitten. Here are a few of my favorite memories from the short time she was in our little fam.

I think she would forget she was a cat and would sit on the couch and lay on pillows like she was a person instead of a kitty. I love the look on her face in this picture. She is like, Oh brother not the camera again:)

The vet said that small petite females are the hardest for him to put down because they stay playful like kittens. I agree! She was a year old, but she still had so much energy and personality.

I used to say I got her because she was the perfect accessory to go with my furniture. Her eyes were so big and blue they made me
jealous, and her hair was as soft as the finest Italian furs.

Every night Bunny would come in to get her cuddle on. She was always down with getting a deep tissue massage. When she wasn't getting enough attention she would pat our face with her paw or nudge our hands until we gave her our undivided attention.

Bunny LOVED the great outdoors. Whenever we would work in the yard she would follow us around wherever we went. My favorite memory was when the three of us would rock on the porch swing at night before bed.

Bunny, we are going to miss you so incredibly much! I hope you're having a blast being collar free in kitty heaven.

Friday, July 3, 2009

Alaskantastic Vacation!

A cruise to Alaska doesn't sound like the best summer vacay ever, right? Especially when there are more beachy options available. But it was pretty much the most FABULOUS time of my life. Definitely one of our more genius ideas particularly for a baby moon.
It was totally relaxing and the scenery was exhilarating! 99% of the cruisers were over 65 so no comparing myself to a bunch of sun kissed bikini bods:) And, every time I had the slightest craving it was instantly fulfilled on a silver platter, w/ a paper doily. Note, before you die, do. an. Alaskan. Cruise!
DAY 1: Leaving Seattle

Boarding the MS Amsterdam.

All Aboard! All smiles. Glad to be sailing up the Puget Sound.

The woman and children were supposed to divide from the men for a lifeboat drill. I opted to "sink" and stay on a comfy bench in the back with John. So Titanic. Good thing it was just a drill. Orange really isn't color!

Day 2: Sailing to Alaska:
"Honeymooners!" That was the question/statement we heard every meal while my tummy was tucked under the table. "Nope, babymooners" (insert me doing a little belly pat)

Love the way fruit looks with his tie.

Yum. Salmon. I miss you!

Day 3 Juneau, Alaska

We were eating breakfast and I said wouldn't it be fantastic if we saw a humpback whale jump. 5 minutes later we saw one breach 4 times. Then a little bit later we looked out our bedroom window and saw a killer whale swimming along with the boat.

My name is John, and my hd video camera is my new bff.

Mendenhall Glacier and falls.

Sailing the appropriately named St. Gregory for a little whale watching.

We spotted lots of humpback whales breaching out of the water. They do this to remove those itchy barnacles...Alex, I'll take sea life for 400

Sea Lions soaking up the 80 degree sunny weather!

You might have to enlarge this picture or use binoculars. But, there were two eagles sitting on this island!

Of course the hd video camera was out of juice when the whales came up for a show. Here are my horrible camera skills. But I still can't stop watching it.

My terry cloth friend our room attendant left in our boudoir.

Day 4, Sailing on the cruise ship to Hubbard Bay
Gorgeous view of Hubbard Glacier from the upper deck of our Cruise ship.

A mama seal was trying to teach this baby how to swim but he wasn't quite ready to leave it's warm spot on the ice.

I really want, no NEED a pic of sunset on the deck!

Day 5 Sitka, Alaska

Kayaking side trip

This is the ocean!!! So smooth you could wake board on it... if you don't mind sharing the water with some humongous jelly fish... eeek!

My name is John and I spot BEARS in the distance. Lift up your ore so I can paddle full speed ahead!!!

Kind of far for a great shot. But I am OKAY with that.

I love that the one paddle I did in the Kayak was caught in a photo.

Our friend baldy we spotted as we sailed through the waters.

After kayaking they fed us a "light" lunch. This may or may not been my fourth bowl of the BEST clam chowder of my life.

Jessica: Hey, I have an idea...let's pose like we are carved into by every totem pole we see in Alaska!

John: Um, let's not:)

24/hour room service. Baby James is coming out with rolls and a double chin!

Day 6: Ketchikan, Alaska
My travel agent OB Doc. suggested this little side trip over Misty Forj. I've talked to him more about Alaska than the pregnancy. Very expensive travel agent but worth it because it was AMAZING.

Fantasy come true. I've always had a thing for pilots.

View of Misty Forj from the float plane.

Goat Lake and falls.

Move over Maui. This view takes the cake!

In the middle of the plane ride we stopped on this mountain lake and the pilot let us stand on the planes skis to look around. Marvelous.

And one more view from the plane...just b/c....

Last formal night dinn

John getting his Escargot on. Delish

Me, NOT such a fan! I will stick to my trusty seafood platter.

Now were talking...Course numerous dos, Master chef Rudy's chocolate hat thing. Surprisingly scrumptious.

Day Seven: Victoria, Canada
The Grand Finale of the trip was a stop in Victoria, Canada. Kimme and Chris met us there for a night out on the town.

Of course we went all paparazzi with our cameras.

Yup, Kimme has REAL Ray-Bans!

First picture of the four of us.

toured Queen Victoria's summer cottage

watched lots of street entertainers.

enjoyed some Mormon bubbly...H2o.

Jessica+john=loving life.

Hi, my name is Jess and if you need boat crew, I'm volunteering. Just feed me... and let me bring John...and my camera. Thanks

Our last and final picture of the trip. What a fabulous way to celebrate the end of our three year adventure as a couple of dinks (dual income no kids). Looks like we will have a third traveling companion in a few short months! Why am I roasting in Draper again? Oh right... b/c John and I thought "round trip" was the best plan for vacation. Note to self. Next time:
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