Monday, January 21, 2008

Sun Valley Serenade

I used to relish banana splits until I figured out what I really loved were the bananas. Last week John had an engineering conference in Sun Valley and I discovered something else... I thought I loved boys from Idaho, but it turns out what I really loved was the state. It was gorgeous and the ski hills were divine! The sky was so blue and the Sun Valley Hotel was amazing. It was filled with a ton of old Hollywood history.
A few highlights were a romantic sleigh ride to a cabin for dinner and swimming at night in their outdoor pool. I am definitely going back there someday!

Opposites Attract

"He watches sports
She likes to ski
She stays up late
He hits the hay
His type is red
Her type is blue
But she loves him
And he loves her"

This is how we have spent a lot of our winter so far. John is one devoted football fan and he loves all the action in HD!
I am trying to make up for a lost ski season since last year I was a little tied up with Noah's. If anyone is looking for a ski buddy, I am available!

This is my favorite view on earth! I took this on New Years day on the top of Snowbird Ski Resort. Whenever I want to go ski on Sunday instead of go to church I think about this view. It makes me put on my church clothes and go and worship our Savior for the beautiful mountains and my health to be able to ski them.

Monday, January 14, 2008

My First Blog

Hello fam and friends. Let me tell you, it has been a long hard road getting here. First of all, I've been blogging constantly in my head ever since Heather started her blog last summer. It has kind of felt like when I was in elementary school and I would pretend I was Bob Ross and a T.V. crew was filming my life (I think I chose him because of our similar Afros). Every time I would perform a task such as the dishes or coloring a picture, in my mind I would explain every step as if I had an audience. The last few months I've been narrating my thoughts as If I were writing a blog. It started to became a little annoying so I finally decided to have Heather set me up on E blogger last October. However, I realized we didn't have a working camera and I am not eloquent enough for an all word blog (I guess that is why I was a visual comm major :) so for several months my blog sat empty.
Then, for Christmas John accessorized me with everything I would need to document our lives together. There was just one last road block of a couple of frustrating nights trying to figure out why my pictures were all posting upside down. But, thanks to my smart hot hubby I am now ready for my first blog ever.
If we had sent a Christmas card, which I didn't (hopefully next year), and I let John pick the picture,which I probably wouldn't (to avoid looking like an OU apparel catalog), this might have been it.
Since we were too excited to wait at the Gregory house, we opened our Christmas presents on Christmas Eve. That gave us the morning after going to my families to head down to Noah's to play racquetball, Nintendo Wii and ice-skate. We left before the crowds came to go sledding and ended it with my family over for dinner and a movie. It was an eventful and memorable Christmas!
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