Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Grateful For...

 Freshly planted basil. 
My kitchen sink fits my babies perfectly.
This little boy was naughty today.  I spanked his little bottom and now he is in bed.   But I love him still the same.

Thankful for the health and strength to put in a full hard day of work.  I am so tired, but happy.  Goodnight.

Saturday, April 27, 2013

Love and Strawberries...

I feel like John always sees the worst of us when we chat online.  What is it about Skype that makes the sky fall?  Today's scene: crying baby, broken dishes, toddler in timeout, messy house, hungry unshowered mama.  By the time I pull it together John has been deep asleep for five hours on the other side of the world.  So I blog the better parts of my day to give him incentive to hurry home to us;)                                                             
Who could resist these chubby cheeks:)
Rissy is wearing my mom's baby dress.  I can't believe this is 50+ years old and still looks brand new.   I love it and I am sad her arms are almost too chubby for the sleeves.  
I change the words of The Napping House to Nana's House and use her animal's names.  James loves being a character in the stories we read.

We've jogged to the grocery store almost everyday to fill up on fresh fruit and get redbox movies. It has been such a nice simple week.
Tonight we made homemade pancakes with strawberry jam.  
Our Skype in the morning and my posts might not seem in accordance if a stranger put them side by side.  John and I both know our life is more a mixture of the two.  But I like the sunny side of the street for the blog.  It makes me happy:)  XOXO, Jess

Thursday, April 25, 2013

Where Texas Was Won...

We went on a quick overnighter to the San Jacinto Monument before John left.  This is the spot the final battle of the Texas Revolution was fought and we won independence from Mexico.
John and James opted to nap in the car while the girls visited the museum.  I've become a Houston history buff so I was in heaven seeing relics I have read and seen documentaries about. 
I have a historical crush on Sam Houston.  He was an incredible leader who stuck to his convictions and loved Texas. 

A two hour nap later and the boys joined me inside the museum.   James and I took the elevator to the top to look at the breathtaking view of the bayous below...

Across the street is the resting place of Battleship Texas.  This ship fought in both world wars.

James carried his binoculars around all weekend.  He believes when they are around his neck he is Indiana Jones.
This monument is the largest monument in the world.  15 feet taller than Washington's.  We were a day early for the reenactment battle (picture Sweet Home Alabama with Reese Witherspoon) but we were able to see some the actors and sets.

The battle only lasted 18 minutes.  9 men from Sam Houston's army lost their lives while 650 of Santa Anna's died.  I am guessing avenging Alamo is the bedrock of Texas pride.
After sightseeing we checked into our hotel and went down the street to a sea food restaurant on the shipping channel.  This was the view from our table.
We enjoyed a delicious Cajun dinner with alligator, po-boys, and shrimp etouffet.  It was a fabulous  day with our little family...Night, not so much.  John and the kids caught the flu so we ended up driving the forty-five minutes home at four in the morning.  I am learning that you win some, you loose some when you travel with kiddos.  XOXO, Jess

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Home (For Daddy)...

 A hundred Hibiscus flowers blooming outside my window.
Babes out of the baths and cuddling in bed.  
Nursing Rissy skin on skin.
James keeping his pants dry all week!  Plan on Chuck E Cheese when you get back.
James playing dress-up in your Mongolian hat.
Skype-ing with you over lunch.
Hot fresh bread from the bread-maker.

I think we will both agree, despite the lobster tail you had for dinner, I have the better end of the deal.  But I can assure you, mommy-lag trumps jet-lag, so be prepared to give me a break when you get back.  Love you,  Jess

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

"A boy's story is the best that is ever told." - Charles Dickens

Today's Chapter:  A Rollie Pollie and a Robot Forest.
Playstation aside, James is most manageable in wide open spaces.  

Monday, April 22, 2013


Summer vacation anticipation,
freshly trimmed green grass,
James, Rissy, and me baths,
long walks, long (distance) talks.

Sunday, April 21, 2013

And She Sits...

Our kids are growing like weeds.
So I try to freeze time with photos...
She looked pretty proud, sitting up by herself, plucking flowers by the duck pond.  She is such a sweetheart.

Saturday, April 20, 2013

Stroll to the Grocery Store...

Fresh fruit, Life of Pi, Gerber baby food.  All set for Sunday:)

I am starting to Hate the Site of a Sedan on a Saturday Afternoon...

#Ithinkhehasasecondfamily;)  #byebyebaby:(  #Bringhomethebacon

Friday, April 12, 2013


Today we picnicked in the park...and prayed for daddy who is taking his PE (ie... Professional Engineers Exam...not such a picnic in the park).

 We watched  about forty planes go by... grateful that John isn't on one:)

 Nothing fancy just PB and J. 

Read books...
 And James took lots and lots of pictures.  

Now the kids are napping and I'm relaxing:)
 Signing off Mr turtle and I, TGIF!
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