Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Wish I was there to tell you in person...

I am lucky to be stuck in the middle of these two.  Heather is exactly 18 months older and Andy is 18 months younger.  I hope you both have perfect Birthdays.  Love you!

Monday, January 30, 2012

Grandpa Gregory

On Wednesday we rushed up to Oklahoma because John’s dad wasn’t doing well.  He has had cancer for ten years and took a turn for the worst.  He was able to get some procedures done and his body has taken to them well so we are hoping he will be around for a good while longer.  It was nice to be able to visit and help John’s mom. 
James loves visiting his grandparents.  Case in point, when we pulled into our house last night, he started bawling for grandma's house.  Our house just doesn't compare.
James liked going on spins around the hospital in Grandpa’s wheel chair.  We got lots of sympathy stares from people around the hospital.  It made me want to push James around in a wheel chair when I go to the grocery store.  I think it would make some of the glares soften if he looked like a cancer patient when he acts crazy.  Just kidding...kinda;)

James with his Grandma Gregory
John’s dad is staying at Mercy, a hospital run by nuns.  I liked that there was lots of art work as a reminder of Christ. There seemed to be more of a spirit of hope than any other hospital I have visited.

I am lucky to have married into Oklahoma sunsets.  They  really are some of the best I've seen.
Tim and Catie's cute new baby, Layla.
James is always in heaven when there are cousins around.
John’s dad seemed very close to the Savior.  He is a good example to me and made me want to strengthen my relationship with Christ.  John’s mom is also a saint.  She has been staying at the hospital around the clock and is living on very little sleep.  I hope that I can be like her in so many ways someday.

Mike and Carla, we love you both and hope Grandpa Gregory keeps feeling better.   We would love to have you come and visit soon. 
XOXO, Jessica John and James.

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Pitter Patter...

Feeling lucky to be a play-at-home mom, pouncing in puddles instead of pushing papers:)

make gif

make gif

Sunday, January 22, 2012

Weekend Ramblings...

  •  You would think as a designer I should be able to thread a sewing machine, but to me, it seems like brain surgery.  Lucky for me, I have crafty friends who make me look good. My friend Erin and I spent Friday making bean bags. We didn’t get much accomplished, but good conversation is always a great way to get the weekend rolling.
  • Buds are the best thing for the taste buds… not literally, but it seems recipes given to me from friends and family always seem to taste better.  Maybe because cooking their concoctions makes them seem closer.   Plus, lots of times we get to chat because I usually have to call with questions.
  • We have a new workout regime that goes like this.   We spend our weekends watching  movies, cooking yummy food, and eating lots of chocolate ice-cream.  Then every few hours, we jump up and go on a bike ride, run, or walk.  I am banking on muscle confusion so we don’t turn into complete couch potatoes.   Ha ha.  Probably not happening, but hey, we are happy. 
  • I sat James on the toilet for the first time today and he instantly went to the bathroom like a potty training pro.  It was probably a freak occurrence and won’t happen again until he is three.  But it gave me hope that I won’t be hauling dirty diapers till I die…( I know, I probably will any way, dang those Depends.)
  • James calls me, Jess half the time. It makes my heart skip beat,  he says it so sweet.
  • We spent the weekend watching Alaska’s Gold Rush on Netflicks-a Discovery reality show about guys down on their luck trying to strike it rich.  It made me glad we aren’t depending on digging through dirt to put dinner on the table. I loved the miner’s one line prayers they would say so sincerely “ God,  help us to get gold”  Amen.
  • John got us both black rimmed glasses.   I haven’t decided if we can pull it off or if we just accentuate our nerdy-ness.  James felt left out, so we gave him John’s old safety glasses.  We are quite the stylin’ crew sitting here.
  • I like the Houston swampy sycamore trees as much, if not more than my old mountain aspens.

Well that is our weekend in a wrap.  Happy Monday friends.

My sister, Heather's, yummy shrimp fettuccine recipe.  I heart her healthy cooking blog.

Saturday, January 21, 2012

New Year, Fresh Start....

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