Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Drew's letter from camp Gregory in Glenwood Springs, CO

This is the tub where we watch awesome movies in our swimsuits. -Drew

Pizza place.

We rode a tram up the mountain and it was very fun. -Drew

I played Laser Tag and I was on my own team and I won it against a kid and his dad. And I went in a maze and won a prize with Jessica and it was really hard. I also went in a cave simulator. There was a high swing thing, but I didn't go on it because it looked too scary. -Drew

The swimming pool was kind of cold but warm. -Drew

Monday, June 28, 2010

Warning: Brain Freeze May Occur...

We were on the road with John when James got sicker than a dog. We took him for a summer night walk when his cabin fever started to be worse than his temperature. When we happened upon a 7-11 we stopped in for some Slurpees. James little sip brought out his first smile of the trip and they had these new metal straws that seriously enhanced the slurpee experience by about 700%!

James's hair pretty much sums up how little sleep we got on this trip. I am sure mine was worse, but didn't have the precious factor that called for a photo opt:).

Saturday, June 26, 2010

Utah Arts Fest

We hippied it up Friday night at the Arts Fest, where we watched Ballet West, ate delicious Thai food , and tarried in the fabulous fountains. It was a great reminder that with art, anything goes! I can use my new favorite shade of OPI pink nail polish, some paints, and a piece of paper to express my passion for my freshly planted Petunias. Sure a few elements and principles help with art’s aesthetics, but just the process of creating is exhilarating. Hopefully, I will be inspired and be able to post a product of my inner Picasso sometime soon.

If we were refurnishing a wing in our make-believe mansion, these would have been on our wish list. I am always huge on hue and John liked these steel sculptures...this one in particular of the Pac-Man like creatures kidnapping Grandma's garden gnome.
The Arts Fest goes on through tonight, so if you read this before then, put on your hemp and hightail it down to Library Square.

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Wonderful, Ripe, Watermelon Day...

Great Grandpa Down tells a story about how he grew up picking watermelons in Texas. Under the starry summer skies, he and his friends would sneak out to the fields, crack open the biggest melon, and rip out the center. Then they would sink their teeth into this sweetest, seedless part of the fruit. Which probably explains your passion for the pink produce it’s pretty much in your roots

I can’t believe you’re 8 months old. While I write this you are cuddled up to me with your first official fever. It breaks my heart to see you not your smiling, crawling, inquisitive self So I will take this short moment of silence to jot down a list of loves on this life log of mine

We love that your daddy’s Blackberry and car keys bring out your biggest grin. We love that you sleep best when your forehead is touching ours. We love that your eyes aren’t really a color but more of a metallic. We love that you have a grin as big as the Grand Canyon. We love your willpower to start walking even though you've barely mastered the crawl.

Baby James, If life were a watermelon, you’d be the center, the heart, the yummiest part... We are so lucky to be your parents and we love you.

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Is it so small a thing to ask for a swing?!

They have finally completed the much talked about amphitheater by our house. Since before we moved here they have promised a playground as part of the deal. For about nine months we've put up with loads of construction sounds, trash, and now noisy play practices. Not easy with a napping newborn. I've been pretty patient in anticipation for the playground and James and I have been taking walks everyday to see if the swings and slides have been put into place.
Well tonight when we walked over, to our disappointment this is what we found...
The yellow caution tape should probably stay.

I can kind of see what they were going for...Something artsy for their art center that fosters the imagination of children. Blah blah blah...
Well to me it looks like some strange torture device and I keep envisioning kids climbing up and breaking their necks, bumping their heads, and burning their bums on the sun scorched steel. Not to mention I think it is a complete eye sore that I get to see every morning as I pull out of the drive.
Here is what cracks me up... they have an ADA ramp... yup, how is any handicapped kid supposed to do anything on this equipment? This picture probably makes it look more fun than it really is. The ropes hurt your hands and and the chair things don't do a thing.
I am sure my mommy vision is pretty strong right now... I mean...my baby climbing on our coffee table pretty much freaks me out.
And who knows, maybe when James is 7 this rats nest of ropes and steal will be like his second heaven. But by then he will have a small sibling or two and where will they roam while he is exploring the ropes?
Last night I was irate and ready to write a petition for my politicians. Should I let it fizzle or start a fight? Because what mother wouldn't want a little more of this for their little one...

Sunday, June 13, 2010

Savoring a Sabbath Sunset

I spoke too soon saying it was suddenly summer. Spring weather decided to come back for a weekend retreat. We obliged by breaking out our blankets, beanies, and umbrellas so we could enjoy the Seattle-esque skies.

Cotton candy clouds, my camera, and a cuddly baby = me being completely content :)

P.S...These pictures make me want to cry That’s just how in love I am with this little guy!

Saturday, June 12, 2010

Fireplace Before and After...

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Suddenly Summer

It's suddenly summer!.. So we celebrated with

- a jog in the canyon with my good pal, Abbie.
-a dip in the pool, eating popsicles with my peeps.
-a nap with a soggy baby on the porch swing.
-hanging with my hubby while he got ready for high adventure.

Everything is better with a baby but ‘specially summertime... the pansies are prettier, strawberries more succulent, and the sunsets more spectacular!
Thanks Aunt Cathy for the fabulous day in your pool ... and thanks to my honey pie for working so hard so I can be with our baby
I will be making you lots of yummy dinners as a special thanks!

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