Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Cars, Drugs, and Coconuts...

Heather passed on a bunch of hand-me-down baby clothes that were given to her from my aunts.

I love these clothes! They are so unique, and retro, and totally bring me back to the days of perms and parachute pants... Yup, you’re not going to find any get-ups like these right now at Gymboree....

Yesterday I walked into the kitchen and was surprised by James in my palm plant shaking it like there were coconuts hidden in the leaves... I think the Hawaiian hand-me-down he was wearing made it seem more hilarious... So instead of my usual “no getting into mama’s plants" scold, I snapped a picture, swept up the soil, and decided I should probably just buy my son a sandbox.

Then when John came home and said his son looked like a Colombian Drug Lord I couldn't help but crack up again. Do any of my loyal aunty readers know where this outfit first originated? All I know is that it makes me want to go to Maui!

And I will leave you with this shot... because the sight of it somehow made me feel loads better after I got my first speeding ticket this afternoon.

Sunday, September 26, 2010

Fifty to the Fullest...

The night of my mom's birthday bash rained buckets. But that didn't stop us from eating pounds of pasta, partying Parisian style, and celebrating a life well lived...

We had a little program to commemorate each decade of her life. I wanted to download more of the show...like my brother, Jake, modeling my dad's short gym shorts from the eighties... I know you're sorry you missed that:). But my dang Dell is giving me H E double L! And I have a hungry hubby...So, I guess this little taste of the seventies will have to suffice:)...

Heather is sporting my mom's prom dress in this delightful disco number. And Andy's suite is pretty Sweet!
Cheers to you mom! May we all be as kind, wise, and wonderful when we meet the half century mark!

If this doesn't work on your computer go here.

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Friends, Festivals, and Fall Leaves....

Once a year, all willpower goes out the window and we live "Las Vegas style" at the State Fair. We stuff ourselves with fried foods, see all the sideshows, and give our cash to the carnies.. And, for a few fabulous hours it feels like we are five again...

James was focused on his mama's treat. I've been craving one all summer since we started watching Arrested Development... "There's always money in the banana stand!" Ha ha..
Love. that. show.

This lamb wanted a closer look at these two lovelies.

I love watching the kiddos ride the kiddie rides. Who knew waving from the fence would be so much fun?!

Trying to win a dirty, ginormous teddy bear is always so enticing at the carnival.

James actually likes to look at animals now and not just the people or some random thread on his blankey.

Confession..We like to take James on things that makes his heart skip a beat because he gives us hugs:) Don't judge:) After you have had one, you would do the same.
The next day we headed to the cabin with Heather and fam for a little flavor of Fall.

The weather was wonderful..."Not to hot, not too cold... All you need is a light jacket." Thank you Miss Congeniality:)
Homemade waffles with fresh blueberries, a dollop of whipped cream and a drizzle of coconut syrup... a breakfast Jack Johnson songs are made of.

The picture of the black horse was taken right before a Stallion slimed us through the sunroof. Serious! A pack of them crowded our car and I pretty much stopped, dropped, and screamed... but didn't roll... the window that is... Luckily John was there to save us. I obviously don't have the career of nature photographer in my near future:)

And since I am going to NEED to see these pics on some dreary December day...

These little ones melt my heart more than the Popsicle in the picture! I still have to pinch myself when I am having a play date by the pool. Being a mom is pretty marvelous! We were celebrating before Susie had to head back to Milwaukee for Dental school and Marci made her big move to Bear Lake. So sad. Why can't my amigos keep their casa's close by?!

"There are two kinds of people-Greeks, and everyone else who wish they were Greek" I am in the latter but...I can down a gyro with the best of them:) Me and my VT companion visited the Greek Festival last weekend in SLC. I am always down for a festival focused on Feta and Baklava. Now after far too many weeks feeding my face my next rendezvous will be with my running shoes!

Saturday, September 18, 2010

A Great Golf Day...

John golfed for the first time on the course above our house for a work tournament. As you can see, the grass really is greener on the other side of our fence. I just wish they would open it up to bikers so I could bring my Burley. I guess I am just going to have to make it my goal to become a golfer when I'm a granny... so I too can enjoy the great outdoors swanky style.

John's won this crystal ball for getting the best score of the tournament (I looked into it and saw a swimming pool in my future:) His team score was a 10-under 62!
Oh ya, this is what I did for a good hour today while James napped... had a photoshoot with his trophy. I am taking photography 101 (ie... watching every tutorial I can on youtube). Todays assignment: depth of field (making the background fuzzy). I was pretty proud it finally worked until John mentioned you can't read the words on the trophy...details details details:)...just the daily dynamics of an artist and an analytic duo:)

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

The Bachelor...

Nestled halfway between Harvard and Yale is a bachelor pad that feels much more Soho than the streets make it sound. This is the house where my brother, Trevor, and 3 of his friends are strumming their six strings while being students by the U.

I would say his little place has given Him a little more spring in his step…. luster in his limp… literally... he’s still recovering from breaking both his feet this past summer.

Thanks for letting us drop by for a tour and an Italian soda. I can’t believe you’re in College! Weren't you just in Kindergarten? Hopefully James doesn't get any ideas...I would be fine and dandy with him being an infant indefinitely!

Sunday, September 12, 2010

Greetings from the Grand America...

It seems like every few years I’ll have a week that totally rocks my socks! A zippity doo dah, Mr blue bird’s on my shoulder, kind of week. Of course, we have our cloudy days too. The ones where when it rains it pours… but, I don’t post those here. Because this little blog of mine is where I go during those times to remind me of the happy days we've had and will continue to have...

One of John’s work vendors had an extra room at the Grand America for the week that we jumped on like a frog on a fly! At the beginning it seemed a little over-the-top and not so much my cup of tea, but by the end, this Gregory was thinking she could get used to such a Gossip Girl-esque lifestyle...

A few leaves and a cool fall breeze was a gentle reminder that there won't be many more days like this. I am trying to be strong for my baby's first September's sake...But seriously, Summer, I'm not ready for our romance to end!

By far my favorite part was coming back to the room each night and being surprised by a second round of maid service , turned down sheets, relaxing piano music playing, and a chocolate on the pillow....Oh ya, they left ice-water by the bed! Ice-water!

I am much more open to a staycation in Salt Lake with our vacation mula in the future!

James pretty much had a perma grin the entire week. A smirk, like he knew this place was much better than our Holiday Inn- hotel house we've been staying in all summer.

A blissful bubble bath that I could have soaked in 'til sunrise!

This is James's new brother, Canon the camera ...a belated b-day present that was the biggest reason of a Bluebird being perched on my shoulder this week.

Issac helping me pack down our pretentious pillow- top.

The Sullivans came to visit for a few hours to live La vida loca. People probably thought there was a pack of polygamists at the pool. Since it was Heather, Dave, I, and all the kiddos. And my sis and I could pass for a couple of 14 year old brides. But we still pretended like we were the Pitts and wrapped up in two towels each.

We all ate at Bruges Waffle shop. A recommendation from my Aunt Cheryl. A waffle that had baked Belgium chocolate in the middle..a brilliant duo for dinner!

View from the balcony that we pretended was London's Big Ben.

Romantic breakfast for two please!.. John was busy with meetings, school, and work, so it was mostly me and my little man.

James loves to see the temple

John joining us at temple square after a long day of meetings.

Heather and I did a little baby-sitting bargaining and James went home to Heber with his cousins for his first sleep over without me or John. I don't think I have slept so soundly since I was single! The perfect week ended with a pedicure, breakfast at Burger King (so not to break the bank:), and a stroll through the shops of downtown.
Now we have loads of laundry, a lawn to be mowed, and bills to be paid...
But I think I will put on some relaxing music, turn down my sheets, and put a flower bud vase on our kitchen table, just to make life a little more Grand at the Gregory's.
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