Thursday, August 30, 2012

Brown Paper Packages Tied Up with Strings...

 Every so often I open the door to a bedazzled box of goodies sent from Kimme in Canada.  They  come packed with girly things like Canadian chocolate bars, lip gloss, accessories, and scarves.  Beautiful things that take me back to our school days together.  It's amazing, we've lived apart the past eleven years but she is still such a big part of my life.  We keep tabs on each other mostly thanks to the good old fashioned telephone.  I love our long calls where we talk about everything, laugh till we cry, and take care of our kids at the same time.  When I hang up it feels like we just spent the afternoon together on a play date at the park.  A fabulous phenomenon considering she lives in another country.

Kimme and little Lennox
I love this quote I saw on facebook.  So true.  It takes two to have a fabulous long distance friendship and I am so thankful for Kimme and all my family and friends who put forth the effort to keep things the same.  XOXO, Jess.

Saturday, August 25, 2012

A Venetian Vacation...

Close to our house there is an outdoor piazza of posh shops and restaurants.  I’ve made the mistake of going during busy times and I always feel like a fish out of water.  The shoes and handbags are much too fancy and I start to feel self conscious in my faded pregnancy dress.   But lately we’ve been hitting up our favorite crepe place before the stores and restaurants officially open and it’s been bella vista bliss!  James can freely play in the fountains, there is hardly a soul in sight, and the crepes are scrumptious (and inexpensive!)- the perfect environment for me to imagine I'm in Italy.

After breakfast we drove across the street to an upscale community to check out a model home that was open.  I continued to make believe I'd been whisked away to a Tuscan village.  There were no other visitors so we meandered around the mansion awhile and helped ourselves to the cookies on the counter.  

The door had a Wizard of Oz-ish opening.  I want one!

James quickly made himself at home.
I am filing away this idea for a headboard.  John is pointing to far away Romania-where his latest project is located. 

All my prego pics are taken like this.  I have the slightest angle where I don't look like a hippo and it is hard for my hubby to catch;)
I loved the interior design of this place. 
Finding these favorite little spots helps me from missing the mountains and fall leaves.  Signing off happy in Houston.  Ciao, Jessica

Saturday, August 18, 2012

Pictures to Pass the Prego Time..

I love to see the temple...Friday morning I snuck out early before John left for work and went for a morning walk around the temple up the street.  It was so serene and Versailles like and just what I needed to start my day out right.  Honestly, I don't go inside nearly enough but I am hoping how much I appreciate the beauty of the grounds will give me a few bonus points.

Hee-hee hoooo.  I was having serious Braxton hicks the moment this picture was clicked.  I took an afternoon shower while James was watching tv in the kitchen.  When I came out he was nowhere to be found.  After a frantic search where I almost called the fire department, I found him tucked tightly under my sheets asleep.   Scariest mama moment to date, but all contractions aside,  he looked very sweet. 
I scream, you scream, mama needs ice-cream...Thursdays have become girls night out for frozen yogurt.  Fact:  Girl talk with ice-cream a la mode makes me a much better wifey and mother.
Play ball...John was invited to sit in the ExxonMobil box seats to the Astros Baseball game.  He's been very busy at work lately working on a new project called Domino (sounds very James Bond).
Sssssssuper James.  We made masks for playgroup this week with the mamas we met at the park last year.  As you know, anything superhero is sure to be a hit around our house.
31 Week Sneak Peak.  Our baby is growing.  Just not at the rate of his/her ten pound older brother.  I am measuring smaller this time around.  But there is still time to catch up...especially with all the chocolate ice-cream I've been having lately;)  Right now the plan is for a VBAC instead of a second cesarean,  but I guess we will see (*nervous face*).
Mama's moo-moo...This is one of the two dresses I am fitting into these days.  I wear this so much, when James wants to go somewhere he grabs it and brings it to me.  Kimme says it is like a dog bringing it's owner a leash.  Having less to wear makes life surprisingly more simple.
I hope everyone has a happy (almost) end of summer weekend.  Love, Jess
P.S.  Dear Aunt Cathy.  Please post pics of your paradise vacay ASAP.  This mama needs some more Maui in her life:)!

Tuesday, August 14, 2012


To be perfectly honest, holidays in Houston make me homesick...So to keep from singing, It's my party and I'll cry if I want to,  I opted to spend my birthday at the beach with my bestie (James)...
We rode the Ferris-wheel on the boardwalk, watched dolphins from the pier, then headed to the water below to get our beach on.

This is our basic lunch that always goes with us on our adventures.  Pb&j, fruit, and chips.  It always tastes good after a morning of play.  
We met some nice friends.  Cotton farmer moms from West Texas.  They shared their watermelon and beach toys and played with us in the waves.  

We ended up having such a fun time, I almost forgot I was pregnant.  A nice change of pace from paying attention to every little kick.
Before I officially have to grow up we decided to do something a little wild.  So we snuck into a posh hotel to wash the sand from our suits and go for a swim.  It felt good to be a little bad on my birthday.

John grilled me a delicious salmon dinner and bought me a bouquet of flowers.  I took care of my gift with a small shopping spree on QVC. 
What really made my day was the birthday cards, messages, and phone calls.  I get way too giddy with each one.  Thanks for making me feel loved even though we are far away!  XOXO, Jess

Sunday, August 12, 2012

One Fine Saturday...

Reasons for me to be happier than a bird with a french fry…
John and James.
Crepes at a place as picturesque as Paris. 
New zebras at the zoo.
The fact I am not an elephant mama and have to be pregnant for two years and give birth to a two hundred pound baby...with tusks, ouch!  
Laying in bed with John and talking until midnight.
The new vice president nominee.
Houston between the hours of 7 and 10 am on a Saturday.  It's almost empty and not too hot.
The large walk-in refrigerator at Costco. Finally a place for me to feel cool.
My birthday is tomorrow!!!
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